Hop into Spring with These Interior Design Tips

Spring is in the air and what better time to give the house a seasonal spruce up? If you’re on the search for some inspiration, read on for some of our favourite tips that will have your home looking lovely in no time.

Adding fresh flowers

If there is one thing that embodies the spirit of spring, it’s fresh flowers. Whether you scatter a few florets around the house or go all out with blossoming bouquets, flowers will make your home feel fresh, colourful and at one with nature. Not to mention the fact that your rooms will smell divine! If you’re lucky enough to grow flowers in your garden why not take a few for your bedroom?

Upcycling old furniture

Britain is on the brink of a serious landfill crisis and it’s critical that we recycle and reuse wherever possible. Instead of replacing your old worn-out furniture why not think about upcycling it? Shabby chic and industrial aesthetics are wildly on-trend this season which means that imperfection actually means serious interior design credentials! You can also think about reupholstering larger items, repainting wooden pieces and even looking at innovative ways to turn trash into treasure. For example, laying a sheet of glass over an old trunk makes for a beautiful coffee table.


Did you know that cognitive scientists have found a direct link between clutter and stress? Too much clutter overloads the brain with stimuli which can contribute to anxiety, depression and of course, stress. This is the last thing you need in the home! Having a good old throw out will help free up space and have your home looking wonderfully clutter free. If you can’t bear to part with anything then intelligent storage solutions are another option. Decorative boxes that slot into open bookshelves are one of our favourite tried and tested solutions.

Using all-natural cleaning products

Why settle for chemical laden products when you can use all natural cleaning solutions that are safe and eco-friendly? This is particularly important in the kitchen where food can be easily contaminated by harsh cleaning chemicals. Hitting up your local health food store is a great place to start, with some larger supermarkets also stocking organic cleaning options. If you’ve got the luxury of time on your hands you could even try making your own. They’re cheap, effective and environmentally responsible. A baking soda paste works wonders on greasy ovens, a 50/50 vinegar/water solution will have mirrors sparkling, baking soda, salt and borax makes a mean scouring solution while citrus infused vinegar is great for mopping floors. Top off your efforts with a homemade natural air freshener made from a slice of lemon, a dash of vanilla and a handful of rosemary sprigs.

Clearing out the wardrobe

It’s all too easy to build up a wardrobe of items that barely ever get worn. Make this spring the season that you sift through all your unworn clothing and have a much needed clear out. Trust us, you’ll feel much better when you’ve got a curated wardrobe to delve into every day. And instead of throwing unwanted items into the bin, be sure to donate them to a charity store. When you’re done you may even be inspired to commission a brand new wardrobe custom made to fit the exact measurements of your space. Bespoke fitted furniture from Empatika is not only stylish but it’s also long-lasting, meticulously designed and eco-friendly. Spring is a time where the saying “out with the old and in with the new” comes to life.

Happy spring cleaning!