How to Master the Art of Living Walls

As one of this year’s hottest interior design trends, living walls utterly revolutionise the home. Trendy and aesthetically beautiful, they also inject an eco-friendly touch. To create your very own living wall feature, implement these insider tips.

What is a Living Wall?

A living wall is a highly inventive, visually arresting and eco-friendly design implementation that makes use of living plants in an urban space. A living wall is basically a wall which makes use of plant life for a completely unique look – bringing the outside inside.

Who Can Make Use of a Living Wall?

Any home, regardless of size or space can make use of a living wall. They are especially ideal for those without gardens or access to natural spaces.

What are the Benefits of Living Walls?

Nature balances human beings. As well as calming us mentally, emotionally and spiritually, living walls sooth the senses. They are also very beneficial for the lungs providing clean, fresh air.

How Do I Get Started?

Larger scale projects require a professional touch but smaller scale walls are easily attempted at home. First things first, decide on the specific area that you wish to transform into a living wall. It might be an entire wall, a small area above the living room table or nearby the TV. Think about what you want the look to achieve; are you aiming for an attractive framework, a pattern or a block of space?

You then need to build the framework where your living wall will be positioned. The structure itself needs to be solid and stable and easily hung to the wall. The most efficient option is typically plastic. After the structure has been assembled, a layer of fabric needs to be added to the frame. Felt is typically used because it is both water resistant and plant friendly. You can then attach a tube to the top of your wall which slowly drips water down onto the structure. This can be a more challenging area of expertise so consulting a professional is advised.

The most exciting part of building a living wall is deciding which plants to add. The choices are literally limitless. You can choose to grow herbs or vegetables or create a tropical paradise. Bear in mind that anything too weighty will gravitate downwards as living walls are vertical. Living walls require the same care, attention and maintenance as ordinary gardens so be sure to devote time and energy to helping it thrive.

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