Fitted Wardrobes

Bedroom with tall fitted wardrobes and a bed

Empatika has just finished building some really tall fitted wardrobes in London Kensington and Chelsea just around the corner from the great Earls Court exhibition centre (that is sadly now being redeveloped into more houses I think).

Fitted Wardrobes

You can have wardrobes fitted like these with walnut melamine coated interior and hand painted with quality Farrow and Ball paint on the outside to give a nice contrast when you open the doors. These fitted wardrobes are totally bespoke. Tristan Titeux visited the customer and asked many questions before putting anything down on paper, he measured his belongings, how tall he was, how high he could reach, who else was going to use the wardrobe, how often it would be used, what would go in the drawers, what did they want to hang, how did they want it to look on the inside, outside, what handles they wanted, how tall they wanted to go amongst many other points.

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Fitted wardrobe drawings

From this Tristan produced some 3D computer drawings based on this conversation, the customer then came back with comments, the drawings were adjusted as many times as was required until they were totally happy.

The good thing about being able to do drawings in 3D, to scale and to the millimetre means that you can see exactly what you will get.

Here are some examples of what these drawings might look like:

And you can have optional photo realistic renders if you want an even better idea of what your fitted wardrobes will look like, see examples here: This fitted wardrobe features pull down rails so you can access high up areas, LED lighting that comes on automatically when the doors open, quality melamine walnut interior, drawers, slow closers fitted on the doors so they close gently without slamming, little stud handles outside for a minimal look.

Fitted wardrobe planning

We don’t book any fitting dates for your fitted wardrobe in the diary until the plans are totally agreed, this means that the most important part is not rushed, the planning. If the plans are good, the rest will be smooth.

Here are some picture examples below:

Tall fitted wardrobe built in London

This fitted wardrobe is really tall, the top of my head reaches the horizontal centre door line.

Tall white fitted wardrobes with doors open showing clothes

Here you can see the pull-down rail inside the wardrobe.

Pull down rail inside fitted wardrobes

Here the pull-down rail is in the out position so you can easily take your clothes off.

LED light strip inside fitted wardrobes

LED lighting inside the fitted wardrobes comes on automatically when the doors are opened and off when they shut.

Tall white fitted wardrobes with walnut interior

The fitted wardrobes with no clothes inside.

Man adjusting doors on fitted wardrobes

This picture of an Empatika craftsmen really shows how tall the fitted wardrobes are!

You can see more wardrobes on our main site in the bespoke wardrobes gallery here.

Please download the “7 biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture” booklet in the top right hand corner of this page to help you make the right choices.

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