Contemporary Fitted Wardrobes

: Beautifully Seamless

Organisation is key to keeping a beautiful home. When everything has its own place, a living space becomes more functional and pleasant to look at. This is the vision that Empatika has for every home in London, for each dwelling to be transformed to clean, modern spaces with the help of contemporary bespoke wardrobes.

Contemporary Fitted Wardrobes

: UK Homes and Palaces Need Them

Wardrobes play an important role within UK homes. They are handy for keeping coats near the doorway, or storing clothes and other items neatly in the bedroom. These pieces of furniture are often our answer to cluttered rooms and organising woes and the vast space available in each wardrobe can always be customised to suit our needs.

Before being transformed into the tall standing closet that we know today, the wardrobe was once a humble chest that kept clothes. As kingdoms and the nobility became more affluent, clothes also changed and they simply wouldn’t fit in a chest anymore. Robes, elaborate gowns, and dresses had to be hung. These clothes were then stored in a room where each wall was filled with lockers from floor to ceiling—a space that later came to be known as the wardrobe.

Later, wardrobes would become the piece of furniture enclosed by doors and usually partitioned into hanging spaces, shelves, and drawers.

Every home needs a stylish yet functional wardrobe, and Empatika can create a unique one just for your home. We have transformed many British homes to stylish spaces with our bespoke wardrobes, which we can customize to fit any space available in your house. We can make wardrobes out of corner spaces in your house, or create floor to ceiling closets for your bedroom. Our collection of custom pieces will show you how creative we can get with maximizing vertical space.

Organise Rooms with

Contemporary Built-in Wardrobes

Contemporary fitted wardrobes can be very different from the historical walk-in closets in palaces. Wardrobes can now be built-in with various shelving and storage space so that you can keep shirts, underwear, coats and trousers all in the same place. They can also be built with features such as decorative lighting or display cases for your favourite sculpture.

A wardrobe, with its contents and design, ultimately reflects the personality and needs of its owner. If you want a personalised wardrobe, consider these tips for space-saving and functionality:

  • Think about what you will store in the wardrobe so you can build it according to purpose.
  • Utilise every bit of space from floor to ceiling with drawers, pull-outs and many other features.
  • Decide what kind of door is best for the space: sliding, hinged, framed or frameless.
  • Give your wardrobe a touch of your personality by adding details such as custom handles.
  • Add custom lighting if necessary.

Once you have a design in mind, contact us at Empatika so we can help you build your dream wardrobe. When you choose us, you also choose to save the environment. Our company upholds these green practices in building furniture:

  • The use of recycled materials such as wood and glass
  • The use of plant-based and non-toxic paint
  • We plant a tree for every client with the help of the Woodland Trust
  • We preserve an acre of rainforest for every £5000 worth of bespoke furniture that we make

The Perfect

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

for Your Home

We at Empatika are proud of our work and testimonials from our former clients add credence to our name. We have created beautiful furniture for many homes, and if you wish, your home could be transformed to a modern living space too.

You can trust us with the creation of the perfect wardrobe for your home. Our carpenters are certified artisans and professionals who follow the strictest codes in the industry. We create 3D designs of the furniture for approval before we start building anything, so this way you will have the last say and be assured that the result will be the furniture you had in mind.

Organise your home in style with Empatika’s bespoke fitted wardrobes! Get the best furniture with minimal cost to the environment. Ask for a quote when you call 0800 458 9158 or email us at!


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