Melamine coated wood option

What is melamine coated wood.

Melamine coated wood is a pre finished surface which is easy to clean, very durable, requires no finishing such as oiling, painting or varnishing.

What is it good for?

It can be used for the inside and outside of a wardrobe, utility cupboard or just on the inside and the outside of the furniture can be painted for example. Melamine is cheaper than painted because painting is very time consuming to do as beautifully as we do. Doing part painted and the inside non visible parts in melamine is a very good combination, specially when choosing white. The white melamine isn’t my favourite for the outsides of a unit, but fine inside. A smooth hand painted outside finish is by far the best, but much more expensive. You can have any colour combination or wood effect, some has realistic grain effect. Modern melamine is very realistic and as you will see below looks amazing. For a children’s room you could have nice coloured doors on the outside and different colour on the inside for example.

Melamine examples.

This walnut melamine goes really well with an outside painted white, it gives a great contrast and a touch of class. It’s nice to open the doors to this nice colour and grain.


This is a board of walnut melamine, it looks amazingly real.

The inside of this storage cupboard is made of white melamine coated wood. The outside is hand painted white.

This wardrobe is made of white inside and out


In this close up you can see the line where the edge meets the face, it’s a detail that most people don’t notice, but bothers me. You don’t notice it with wood effects and coloured melamines.

This unit is made of white melamine inside and out, it was for a scin hospital and is perfect for places that want to clean regularly, the melamine surface is durable and suited to this.

We can make melamine on the inside and wood veneer on the outside too.

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Here are the environmental credentials of the Egger Boards we use:

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