Real wood veneer fitted furniture option

What is wood veneer?

Veneer is a layer of real wood that is around half a millimetre thick which is shaved off the wood log a bit like a pencil sharpener would. It is glued in the factory onto F#C certified mdf wood grown in Ireland and made in the UK, I like that! Especially when you consider that over 80% of wood in the UK is imported from far away places, I like to promote the use of local sustainable materials where possible. Wood veneer is a good option for fitted furniture because you are not cutting down the whole tree to use for furniture which might be torn out by the next property owner and wasted which is sad really and not very sustainable. This is what Wikipedia say about wood veneer.

What is it good for?

Wood veneers can be used for any fitted furniture from bookcases, to storage, TV media units and wardrobes. It allows you to have the luxury of real wood yet only use a fraction of the precious hardwood which also means it is more economical. It is good for adding a contrast, you can have painted wood mixed with veneered wood, that looks really nice and contemporary, the two different materials highlight each other, see the Walnut unit pictured below. Wood veneer is good for adding warmth to a room and making it more cosy.

Wood veneer examples used in our fitted furniture.

We offer three wood veneers, light, medium and dark; Ash, Oak and Walnut.

Ash veneer.

This hall bookcase is made of real ash wood veneer, it is the lightest we offer.

Another bespoke Ash fitted storage unit/bookcase. This one has a matt varnish on it. The edging is professionally edged prior to being delivered to site and assembled.

Close up of the Ash veneer fitted unit. The edging on this unit is 2mm thick.

 Oak veneer.

Next up is oak veneer, it is a medium lightness and one of the most popular choices.

Close up of the oak veneered shelves


Wardrobe with oak veneer doors. Here you can see the grain on a large panel of wood veneer


The inside if also veneer, this unit is oiled, oil takes a long time to dry and has an odor for a while. But the oil gives the best most natural look. Better than varnish which looks like it has a surface film on it.

Walnut veneer.

This is Walnut veneer which has a beautiful two tone grain, black and brown of different shades.

On this close up of the walnut veneer you can see the two tone effect that gives it great character. This piece is oiled.

Close up of the walnut, it looks particularly dark, but this is the camera, it is lighter in real


This is another walnut veneer unit to give you another example of what it looks like.

Close up shows the varying patterns on the veneer.

Have a look at melamine coated wood options available too, they are good to use for the inside when you want to have a real wood veneer on the outside and a cheaper but nice melamine inside.

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