DIY Painting

If you would like to paint your fitted furniture yourself, below are some instructions on how you can do that.

What you will need.

  • Waterbased Primer/Undercoat white or colour to match top coat.
  • Waterbased Indoor Eggshell top coat in white or other.

  • Brushes size 1″ and 2″
  • Foam rollers with mini tray.

  • Sand paper 120 and 180 grit.
  • Polly filler in a tube or powder to mix.

  • Flexible filler and dispenser.

  • A wet and a dry Cloth.
  • Cup of water for the flexible filler.

Eco Friendly paint.

If you would like to use an environmentally friendly biodegradable and harmless paint made from plants rather than petrol try Auro or Earthborn paints.

Check out Auro's paint here

What to do.

Sand all the front edges of the mdf and round the sharp edges if you want to give me a more finished look. Fill any screw holes with powdered filler. The tube ready mixed one will be easier to use, you just squeeze out what you need.

Apply decorators flexible filler all around the unit where it meets the wall, make sure you put a thin even bead. Every couple of meters or so stop and dip your finger in a cup of water and run your finger along the flexible filler so that it spreads it nice and smoothly, wipe the excess from your finger onto your cloth.

Apply two coats of primer, lightly sand in between coats and especially the edges of the MDF to make them smooth specially sand if the grain of the mdf comes up from the surface to smooth it flat again.

Then apply a final two coats of Eggshell and sand in between coats too. You get a better finish by applying thinner coats, but then you have to do more coats. The good thing about a hand painted unit is that you can give it another coat in a few years if it needs it or you can change the colour totally.

If you are using Farrow and Ball see what they say about using their eggshell paint here.

If you have any questions feel free to email and ask what you like. Warm regards, Tristan   Please download the “7 biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture” booklet in the top right hand corner of this page to help you make the right choices.

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