Great contemporary fitted shelving ideas

If you want some great fitted shelving ideas, you have come to the right place! I have designed loads of shelving units over the years and have lots of great ideas so that when you decide to have your shelving designed you will have a good idea of what modern bookcase designs you can have.

Having fitted shelves made is a big undertaking, you only get one go at it and you need to get it right. Since you won’t see exactly what it looks like until it is built you need to ensure you see lots of examples that a carpenter has built so that you can see the style your shelves will be but also you want to insist in getting a drawing too so you can check proportions and all dimensions, you don’t want to rely on word alone here as when it’s built it’s built for life! If is it well built that is!

Fitted shelves are generally made for books but can also be made for ornaments or a combination of both. Some people also want shelves for CD’s, DVD’s and records too.

When you have finished looking at the pictures on this page, if you want to see more ideas, follow this link here to see more examples that are designed and built by Empatika.

In the slideshow below in the first picture you will see a great idea to show off records if you only have a shallow bookcase. The records are put face on so you can see the front cover, I love this shelving idea because you get to see the beautiful covers that you only ever get to see when you put the record on. The other thing is you can rotate the covers when you feel like it, or if you have a particular party with certain friends coming around you can tailor your bookcase to interest them! It is like a living art slideshow in your home.

There is no reason why you can’t do this with your beautiful coffee table books either, just pull out a different one every week and you will keep your shelving looking interesting to you and your guests.

Front facing record covers can be alternated to turn this bookcase into a forever evolving piece of art!

Here is a slideshow of a variety of fitted shelves to get you started nice and easy with some bespoke shelving ideas.

Another great idea for shelving is to add lights, they really bring the shelving to life, I love lights in shelves and always suggest adding them as they just transform a nice bookcase into an amazing bookcase! Here are are some examples what do you think? This modern white corner bookcase has nice lights that shine down on the bowls which really brings them to life. You can see how the lights in the top left hand side make the books glow and alive. This corner bookcase has 25mm thick shelves and 36mm thick uprights, the bookcase on the left is deeper and spacings between the shelves higher than the one on the right so that it can take larger books.

This white storage unit is also full of lights, with lights placed in randomly lights squares which give the bookcase a more dynamic feel to it. Those lights squares are perfect for ornaments that you want to show off. The top of this bookcase also has lights shinning towards the ceiling which keeps that space above it nice and open and bright and shows off the rooms cornice which goes nicely with the clean lines of the contemporary shelves.

The lights bring this unit to life.

This was the first bookcase I designed with randomly light squares and it has been very popular with people always commenting on it. This one is on 3 walls, the central section sits on the base and the left and right side are floating in the air and connected directly to the wall. The left side is over a low level radiator and the left side over where a chair will go. The bottoms of the bookcases are lights with down-lights and so is the whole of the top again highlighting the cornice and keeping that space light.

White shelves with random lights.

This set of shelving is made of 38mm MDF wood that give it a look as if the shelves where carved out of the wall, it is made with no back because of where the customer wanted the uprights so each shelves is fitted individually to follow the contours of the wall. This allows us to create really randomly spaced shelving like this. We then paint the shelves white by hand with water based Eggshell matt paint which looks really stylish.

Thick white modern shelves.

This large white set of shelves was designed to fit around the radiator and door and fill every bit of space floor to ceiling. This and every bookcase we design is always made with the customer in mind, we measure all your belongings to ensure everything fits perfectly inside.

White Modern bookcase built around radiator and door.

I love these white shelves they look spaceship like, or robot like, they have a mixture of shapes for various books and objects. The shelves are 25mm thick.

Modern white spaceship like shelves.

If you want to see more shelving ideas have a look at our shelving gallery home page on our main site.

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