Bespoke White Fitted Bookcases, books are not dead.

Bespoke Fitted Bookcases are perfect if you are one of the many people who loves books.

A fitted bookcase is the best way to store your books because they make the best use of space as they are designed to use up every bit of space efficiently and neatly with no ugly gaps all around.

Because there are no gaps around the sides and tops, they look a lot neater, as if they were meant to be there, built to measure just for your space, well that is what they are really, built just for you to fit your books perfectly.

Can you imagine your books on these examples of fitted bookcases you could have in your own home?:

A fitted bookcase is a reflection off your character.

Some people find books messy and want to hide them away while some like you love to show your books, a bookcase full of your favourite books shows your interests, your personality, it is like a self portrait of your world, it is more than just a mass of random books, they are part of what make you, you. There is nothing wrong with books if they are made form F#C certified wood, not from the Rainforest or from 500 year old trees in Canada for example, and the good thing about a book is you can pass it on and on generation after generation that is a sustainable practice, and at the end of it’s life it can always be used to heat your home.

You will love this video that was painstakingly made by a couple who bought a bookshop in Toronto and made a Wallace and Gromit type video of the books in their shop coming to life at night and moving around the bookcases. I love this kind of animation, if I had the patience and time, I would love to make such animations. I can’t imagine the time that they took to make this video, tell me what you think of it? Do you like it? Love it? There is nothing quite like a real book, enjoy “The Joy of Books”:

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