How to Build a Beautiful and Sustainable Home

It’s definitely a treat seeing homeowners practicing sustainability in their homes. Whether it’s through reducing single-use plastic, going paperless, growing their own produce, and buying fair trade products, more and more homeowners are switching to more eco-friendly options in their daily lives.

That being said, bespoke furniture shopping shouldn’t be an exemption to a sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of illegally sourced timber from around the world being used to mass-produce furniture. This is the opposite of what we do here at Empatika; we make sure our clients are aware of environmental issues, and we promise to only work ethically and responsibly.

Empatika Supports the WLT Buy an Acre project

Empatika strongly supports the World Land Trust, a foundation that funds partner organisations around the world, creating reserves and gives private protection to natural habitats and wildlife. Since 2013, Empatika has saved over 40 acres of tropical forest in Colombia; Tristan has pledged to buy an acre of rainforest in the name of customers who spend £5,000 on Empatika’s bespoke furniture service, so that customers are given a chance to support a worth cause while beautifying their homes.

In a recent update from World Land Trust, the beneficiaries of the Buy an Acre projects for 2021 are the following:

  • Argentina – This long-term Buy an Acre project seeks to protect an estimated 13,136 acres (5,316 ha) of land. Did you know that the Chaqueña ecoregion represents the second largest forest area in South America? 60% of this ecoregion occurs in Argentina, thus the need to protect this land. The World Land Trust has partnered with Fundacion Biodiversidad Argentina (FBA) in Argentina to help create a biodiversity corridor called the “Chaco Taguá Biological Corridor” to protect Dry Chaco habitat within Cordoba Province. Being able to protect this land also means extending the habitat for species of the area including globally endangered Chaco Peccary, 229 species of birds, 35 mammal species and 43 species of amphibians and reptiles.
  • Brazil – The World Land Trust partners with Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA), with an aim to purchase an additional 1,608 acres (651 ha) of Atlantic Forest in Brazil. By the early 21st century, only around 7% of the original forest remains and an estimated 2% of primary forest is still intact, making the Atlantic Forest one of the most threatened forest regions in the world. Being able to protect this land will ensure it cannot be deforested, safeguarding habitat critical to the Woolly Spider Monkey (or Southern Muriqui) for generations to come.

How can You Help Protect Land Around the World?

Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change, flooding, increased greenhouse gases, extinction of animals, and tons of other problems for indigenous people. If you a homeowner looking to transform your home with bespoke fitted furniture, make sure to work with companies who only use ethically-source timber, such as Empatika UK.

In the past two years, supporting the World Land Trust has allowed the foundation to help safeguard the following threatened habitats around the world from poaching and logging:

  • Colombia’s manatee haven: Helping Fundación Biodiversa Colombia save 242 acres (100 ha) at the El Silencio Reserve, the home of manatee, tapir, spider monkey, curassow, and river turtle.
  • Ecuador’s glass frog sanctuary: Helping Fundación Ecominga save 519 acres (210 ha) at the Manduriacu Reserve, where scientists have found new glass frog species and a new rodent genus.
  • Mexico’s cloud forests: Helping Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda save 301 acres (122 ha) from deforestation, a lifeline for jaguar, puma, ocelot, bear, otter and many others.
  • Zambia’s Miombo woodlands: Helping Kasanka Trust save 941 acres (381 ha) at the Malaushi Reserve, a crucial stronghold for elephants, hippos, and the rare swamp-dwelling antelope known as Sitatunga.

You, too, can be part of future milestones of the Buy an Acre project. Get a quote from Empatika UK and allow us to help transform your home with bespoke fitted furniture designed to fit your home and belongings. For a £5,000 spend on Empatika’s unique fitted furniture, we will buy an acre of land in your name to support the World Land Trust. Now, you can build a beautiful, sustainable home, and take part in a worthy project to help protect land all over the world.