How to Make the Most of Awkward Spaces

Sometimes, rooms or hallways have really strange spaces which are just impossible to work with. Well, not every inch of your home can be perfect! However, there is always a solution – you just probably can’t see it just yet. Lots of apartments and houses have awkward spaces, and over the years people have really used their imaginations to try and make something of them. So, when is doubt, look to us for inspiration!

The talented team at Empatika have worked with many an awkward space and transformed it into a totally useful piece of storage. But perhaps you don’t want a storage unit in those spaces – that’s fine too. We’ve pulled together some of our own ideas along with creative hints from the World Wide Web, for decorative projects and functional spaces. So without further ado, here they are!

Nooks and crannies

Almost all rooms have the odd nook and cranny which, when left alone, looks much to be desired. However, there are various ways to make that awkward corner more appealing. Firstly, you want to address the floor space. By finding a suitable piece of furniture that fits in snugly, you can create a point of interest in nooks of all shapes and sizes. The furniture piece doesn’t have to fit perfectly, and it also doesn’t have to sit centrally in the nook.

If you’d like to have a huge piece of furniture which covers the entire wall, you may struggle to find a piece that fits your special shaped alcove or corner. This is when it’s a good idea to choose custom furniture, which can be built around the shape of the wall and the ceiling to ensure it fits properly and looks right.

In this home, there are varying ceiling heights and a large alcove to deal with. But with a strong, stylish piece of furniture and a bespoke shelving unit, the room is fresh and modern and you don’t even notice the odd shapes.

Stairs and landings

Staircases, hallways and landings are notorious for having strange shapes and odd corners. They tend to baffle designers and home owners frequently, as when left to their own devices they can become a dead space – but it’s so difficult to find décor which sits well.

Some houses have already sorted out the space under the stairs – it’s a storage cupboard or even a bathroom. However, sometimes you’re left with an odd staircase and a lot of space to fill. It is the ideal place to house some storage, but that’s not the only option. Why not make a seating area or invest in a quirky decorative item?

The area of the stairs can also be used for decorative or storage purposes – or both! With a few shelves, choose whether to fill them with books, photos, memorabilia or a mixture. Don’t let walking up the stairs be a boring chore.

Sloping walls and loft spaces

A very popular interior design problem is sloping walls. It’s almost impossible to find furniture to fit these awkward spaces – which is why fitted furniture is the best choice. By getting a professional to design and fit bespoke wardrobes, shelving cabinets or media units, you’ll make better use of the space and the room will look bigger and more open.

The most common rooms with sloping walls are loft conversions. The easiest way to extend the house and add more space is by building up – which means more loft spaces than ever. These can be tricky to decorate and furnish, but fitted furniture once again is the answer to all your problems. From wardrobes and shelving, custom furniture companies can also create hidden storage cupboards to fill dead spaces.