Storage Inspiration: Children’s Bedroom Ideas

One of the most difficult rooms to keep tidy and organised in the house is definitely the nursery or your child’s bedroom. And it’s not just thanks to their natural messiness – children often have small rooms or even box rooms, and have a lot of stuff to store in there so it can be tricky to make it look presentable!

Smart storage solutions can come to the rescue. After all, as your child grows so does their toy collection! There’s lots of hacks for keeping everything neatly tidied away…you just need to know about them. You’ve come to the right place as here at Empatika we’ve designed plenty of the children’s bedrooms and know just how to make them look organised. Read on for some of our top tips and the best storage inspiration we’ve gathered from around the web. Trust us, your life will be transformed!


Every bedroom needs a bed, it’s the focal point of most boudoirs – but did you know the bed can be used for so much more than sleeping? Utilising the space under a bed can be a lifesaver in small rooms. Toys, books, shoes, you name it – anything can be kept under there. It also doesn’t matter about the type of bed. If the bed doesn’t have built-in storage underneath, then place items in baskets or boxes.

Another fantastic idea, if you really want to create more space within a room, is to build a raised bed for your child or children. You can buy flatpack versions of these types of beds, with storage solutions such as cupboards and draws underneath, but if you hire a company to build a bespoke bed you have total control of what to do with the space underneath. Here are some ideas:

  • A desk for homework
  • Bookshelves
  • A play area
  • A wardrobe
  • Drawers
  • A toybox

A combination of any of the above

For your child it’s also incredibly exciting to have your own bed designed and built. They can be involved in the decision making process and the planning stage, giving them ownership over their space.

Many furniture companies and carpenters can create these custom bed designs for you, but as this affects your child’s health and safety we recommend thoroughly checking out a company first before entrusting them with such an important job. We always say don’t settle for the cheapest option – find out why it’s cheaper!


Kids can fill shelves pretty fast with teddies, trophies, books and all sorts of paraphernalia. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you choose the most efficient type of storage rather than the odd shelf here and there.

Tall, corner shelving is a good idea, especially in odd shaped rooms or loft rooms. Make the most of the space by going floor to ceiling with a shelving cabinet – just store things at the top which are for display purposes and you don’t need to reach often.

You can also use wider shelves and cabinets to store coloured fabric boxes. In here can you stuff small toys and other bits and pieces that you’d rather not be on display.

Top Tip: When buying storage boxes for tidying things away under the bed or stacked up, choose clear boxes. This way you can see exactly what is inside each box without having to look in every single one.

Are you looking to re-design a child’s bedroom to make it more efficient and attractive? Get in contact with us today, we specialise in fitted children’s bedrooms built from scratch. Here’s an example of the type of spaces we can create, to make sure there are no more excuses for keeping the room tidy!

Have you found any more secret hacks or great storage solutions? Let us know so we can share it with other homeowners.