Top Features of a Beautiful and Useful Bedroom

While the kitchen and living areas may act as the hubs of the home, bedrooms should never go unnoticed. As far as the Empatika team are concerned, bedrooms should be tranquil sanctuaries where you can relax, unwind and of course, catch up on those all-important ‘z’s. They should be given just as much, if not more attention than their communal counterparts, as they’re the sacred spaces where you both start, and end your days. So how can you transform your bedroom into a space that’s steeped in both form and function? Read on for our guide to the top features of a bedroom that’s beautiful, useful and

Large fitted wardrobe

 Cognitive scientists have proven that there’s a direct correlation between clutter and stress. This means that keeping the tidiness of your bedroom in check can have an effect on your mental wellbeing. Say goodbye to piles of clothes, stray shoes and other bits and pieces by investing in smart wardrobe solutions that keep everything in their place.

Fitted wardrobe

Dressing table

As personal havens for both singles and couples, bedrooms should always reflect the personalities of those who slumber in them. With a dressing table, you’ve got space to display a photo frame or two, as well as all those personal bits and pieces that make you, you.

Plenty of natural light

Natural light is part of living a happy, healthy lifestyle. As well as lifting the mood, it gives your body its much needed dose of Vitamin D. Make your bedroom a sun kissed sanctuary by keeping all windows unblocked by furniture, accessories or overly heavy curtains.


Safe and eco-friendly linen

VOCs and other nasty chemicals are secretly hiding in a plethora of household items. As your body comes into contacts with sheets, pillowcases and other bedding on a nightly basis, you’ll want to make sure that you invest in linen that’s safe and eco-friendly. This is particularly important when it comes to little ones, as harmful chemicals can create respiratory problems, skin irritations, headaches and more. Good linens wash well, and will usually last several years so forking out the extra cash is well worth it.

eco-friendly linen

A timeless colour scheme

As you spend so much time in the bedroom, it’s understandable that you may want to revamp it every now and then. By opting for a timelessly stylish colour scheme you can make redecorating as easy as splashing out on a new bedspread, statement throw cushions or fresh piece of artwork. It’s also a good idea to keep furniture neutral, as it can be expensive and inconvenient to replace.

colour scheme


If you have carpeted floors you’re already sorted, however if you have wooden floorboards or any other hard surface in your bedroom we’d advise laying down a rug or carpet. This will help minimise echo within the room, and create a cosy aesthetic that makes the room seem warmer, and more inviting. Wool rigs feel wonderful underfoot, and will last for decades.

wooden floorboards

Ambient lighting

There’s nothing more garish than an obnoxiously lit bedroom. Avoid feeling overwhelmed, anxious and tense by investing in clever lighting solutions that will make you feel completely at ease, no matter what time of the day. As well as an overhead light, table lamps and standalone shades are also a great way to create mood and ambience. When it comes to colour temperatures, ‘cool’ and ‘daylight’ are the preferred bedroom choices for interior designers.

Ambient lighting

Smart storage

As well as a cleverly designed wardrobe, you can also pepper your bedroom with smart storage solutions that help keep clutter and chaos to a minimum. Floating shelves can be installed in almost any space, from conventional walls to difficult spaces such as alcoves and sloped ceilings.

Smart storage

Whether you’ve got the luxury of a spacious boudoir or are confined to compact yet cosy chambers, there’s no reason why your bedroom shouldn’t be smart, stylish and slumber worthy.