The Extra Details That Make Your House a Home

Do you live in a house or a home?

A house is simply the building in which we live, a practical structure with four walls and a roof over your head. A home however is a special place, building or location where we feel like we belong. At Empatika, we love helping our customers add personalised touches to their houses, customising each room to fit their needs perfectly so that it can truly become their welcoming home.

As well as using custom built furniture to free up space and to house your belongings, there are other small touches that can be used to add to the homely effect. If you are wanting to create a special place, read on as we list our top tips for extra details that will turn your house into a home!


Luscious Lighting

With the right (or wrong) lighting, the atmosphere of any room can be transformed immediately. Some houses come with overly bright main lights, casting a stark white light into the room. Whilst this is practical, this isn’t the best way to create a homely atmosphere. Soft lighting that radiates a warm glow can add comfort to any room, helping you and your guests to relax in style. Whether you choose a feature lamp with a coloured shades, or scatter flickering candles around the room, dim the lights and let your additional source of lighting add a cosy feeling to your home.

Family Photos

There is no other touch quite as personal as a photo gallery of your family or close friends! Although this type of decoration can sometimes be seen as being cheesy, there are ways to add sentimental photographs to your interior with sophistication. Why not create a ‘photo wall’ or ‘gallery space’ in your home? Many people use the hallway but choosing one wall in a living area would also be a great place to hang your photographs. Arrange your images in frames of a variety of sizes, or why not hunt online for some quirky vintage frames for a shabby chic effect? Mix up your family photos with other personal items such as postcards, letters or anything else that would look fun in a frame to make your gallery even more unique.

Cosy Rug

Having a carpet isn’t the most practical flooring method, and for this reason many new houses are built with laminate or wood flooring. However, a cold hard floor can feel a little clinical at times even though it is easy to clean! Rugs are a great way to add a comforting feel to any room, adding soft texture and an injection of colour to create a calming effect. Whether you choose to go for a shag pile rug or an oriental design, there are many options available to buy to suit your personal style.


Sentimental Artwork

Instead of hanging pictures on your wall that you found in a high street store, decorate your rooms with items that tell your personal story. Did you buy a poster from the first ever gig you attended? Maybe you picked up a beautiful wall hanging during your latest holiday? Rather than letting your memories gather dust, show them off with pride and enjoy reminiscing whilst telling the tale of the item to your guests.



The power of a simple bunch of flowers should never be overlooked, as these natural bouquets can add character and energy to any room they are placed in. Available in a wide range of colours, head to a good florist to create a customised bunch with all your favourite shades and smells!