Elizabeth Souquet, West London

This is a testimonial for Empatika.co.uk  based in London UK for some fitted office bookcases we designed and built in Elizabeth’s home.

This is the third time we have returned to Elizabeth and Jerome’s home in Shepperds Bush to make some fitted furniture for them. In her home office Elizabeth says that when they moved in they rushed to make some fitted shelves in there. They were ugly, badly fitting and just totally unsuited to the job as the shelves where sagging and so they did not put anything on them because of it.

Elizabeth says, if you buy once cheap you have to buy twice and that is what they did. It is worth taking your time when buying fitted furniture as it is for life, so if you want help to find the best fitted carpentry company you can download our booklet in the top right hand corner of this blog.

If you would like to see photos of our work, please check our fitted home offices furniture gallery on the main site.

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