5 Stylish Bedrooms You Need to See to Believe

The bedroom is one of the most important features of any house – after all, we spend a lot of our time sleeping in our beds. It’s a place which should be harmonious and reflect our personalities the most. In our bedrooms we need to feel peaceful and relaxed, ready for rest; the room should be a refuge where all the stresses of the day can disappear.

We also have a lot of belongings to fit into our (often small) bedrooms, so clever furniture design and space saving techniques can be vital too. So often, bedrooms can become cluttered with clothing, shoes and other essentials and this instantly makes the room less tranquil. Clutter in the bedroom can build up fast, and most people don’t understand the consequences of it or how it can have an effect on your brain.

Focusing on the interior design of a bedroom can help stop clutter in its tracks – especially if you opt for a minimalistic style. Take a look at some of these amazingly stylish bedroom designs for inspiration, but be warned – you may get bedroom envy!

Ivanka Trump’s Master Bedroom

Image source: http://www.elledecor.com/celebrity-style/celebrity-homes/news/g227/celebrity-bedrooms-67718/?slide=9

Why not start with a celebrity boudoir? This bedroom isn’t particularly large, but it looks very inviting. With huge windows letting in lots of light and minimal furniture and accessories, it is certainly clutter-free. The Manhattan apartment’s master bedroom also features an interesting piece of art above the bed and simple black and white bedside tables – there is no outlandish colour used in the décor at all.

Turquoise Dream

This bedroom design makes the most of the small amount of space, and even though it’s not a spacious bedroom it still looks calm and peaceful. The original feature fireplace is contrasted with a bright wall for a unique style. The sleek floor to ceiling wardrobes ensure that everything is neatly stored away, so precious space isn’t taken up with belongings.

Beach house Bedroom

Image source: http://freshome.com/2010/05/25/23-amazing-bedrooms-with-a-panoramic-view-of-the-ocean/

This bedroom looks like the kind of holiday home you dream about – but imagine actually living here?! The dark wooden floors contrast with the bedding perfectly, as the bi-folding doors make the terrace look so inviting. This clutter-free environment is definitely the tranquil escape we all need from time to time.

Neutral and Restful

This is another space which has been designed well, taking advantage of every bit of space. The earthy colours work well in partnership with the modern white wardrobes and light bedding. The stylish storage solution is an interesting and practical feature, and the simple artwork above the bed completes the room. We can picture ourselves enjoying a good night’s sleep in this bedroom!

Morning Dip

Image source: http://www.architecturendesign.net/from-pillow-to-pool-25-amazing-bedrooms-with-pool/

Now this bedroom really is unbelievable! (And pretty much unachievable in the UK). Obviously the first feature is the pool, imagine waking up to that each morning and enjoying a morning dip before your shower to wake you up. But look closer at the open plan room, and it’s impressive even without the pool. The low bed is perched up against a long, brown headboard. The only other contents of the room are seating and a colourful piece of art towards the back of the room – perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view.

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