Fitted Floating Shelves

We do a few different types of floating shelves, so here are some examples below. All our shelves have to be professionally fitted by us, but if you want to fit them yourself, we are happy to explain how to do it.

The diagram below helps identify what kind of concealed supports will be needed for your floating shelves.

To see more shelving ideas follow this link to go to our shelving gallery.

Drawing of floating shelf options on a wall

Just like any fitted shelving, floating shelves also need an accurate plan so you can see how many you can fit in the space you have and check if they look balanced before you put them up for real, because once they are up they are up! Empatika provide bespoke scale computer generated drawings with every job.

Drawing of floating shelf options on a wall

Floating shelves start at 25mm thick, 38 and 50mm thicknesses are available too. The following shelves are 25mm thick.

Then these are 38mm thick and the white contrasts nicely with the wall, but you can also have them the same colour as the wall.

These shelves are 50mm thick.

These shelves look like they have grown out of the wall and are perfect for ornaments.

Modern shelves with ornaments on them

This Milo floating shelf is 100mm thick and is made entirely from waste offcuts produced by Empatika in the process of making fitted furniture. I believe we waste too much in this World, so I decided to come up with a design called the Milo series that would use up these pieces instead of them ending up in landfill or being incinerated and polluting the earth. Each shelf is totally different depending on what waste we have.

Shelf made from recycled wood

This is a thick corner floating shelf that suits this piece of art perfectly.

  These floating shelves are different sizes and “randomly” placed on the wall to complement this floating media TV unit.

TV unit with floating shelves

These eco friendly floating shelves are made for a children’s bedroom, they are painted with a zero voc plant based paint. Find out more about our children’s healthy eco bedrooms here.

These alcove floating shelves are 50mm thick and ready to paint by us or you or your painter. If you want to find out how to paint your own furniture click this link.

Narrow curved hallway shelves.

These are 50mm thick kitchen floating shelves made from a single piece of wood and will hold anything!

Sometimes just two shelves are effective!

And sometimes one shelf is all you need.

This bookcase has small curved floating shelves on the end of it.

White Shelving unit with cupboards below

This is a giant 38mm thick floating shelf made from one piece that wraps around the wall to make a desk, like all these floating shelves it has no visible supports yet is rock solid!

Floating whtie bespoke desk with a drawer on the left

These random floating square shelves look perfectly balanced and have no visible supports either. See the blog about these square shelves here.

Modern coloured cube shelves on a wall

Send us a picture of where you want your floating shelves to go along with a rough sketch by email at You might like this other blog on fitted shelving ideas

See more fitted shelves on our main gallery.

Please download the “7 biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture” booklet in the top right hand corner of this page to help you make the right choices.

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