Winter Décor Ideas

Winter is well and truly here, along with all the wonderful holidays that comes along with it. As the temperatures drop and the festive season on the horizon, it’s time to inject some warmth into your home and get ready to cosy up inside. From the lounge to the bedroom, there’s never a better time for a winter décor makeover – and we’ve put together some inspiration for you.

As the seasons change, so should your interior design to reflect the general mood and upcoming events. Autumn and winter décor designs, for example, often include leaves, moose and reindeer prints, earthy tones and red and green and the festive season’s colour palette. Metallic colours such as silver are also popular, as they represent a snowy, wintry scene outside the window.

Take a look at this selection of winter décor ideas and be inspired to start your seasonal transformation this weekend!

Maximise Light

With those long, dark nights ahead of us for the entire winter, even the brightest of interiors can start to look gloomy. If you have the budget to invest in new furniture, then it may be time to ditch the dark couch for more neutral colour or perhaps replace the rug in a lighter shade.

Another top tip is to maximise the little natural light we do get in the winter with mirrors. Positioning mirrors opposite dark corners will reflect natural and artificial light, making the whole room appear brighter. You can also make mirrors pieces of interest by painting or embellishing the frames.

Bedroom Refuge

Transform your bedroom into a cosy refuge from the cold, wet weather outside by making your bed even more inviting. Introduce lots of textures with throws, cushions and bed runners. Be bold and brave with colours and prints to give the room a style update too. At the moment we also love letter cushions and other words and slogans. You don’t have to go for a coordinating ‘matchy’ look – a variety of styles and shapes of cushions looks homely.

Fireplace Feature

As the weather outside becomes chilly, you’ll automatically look towards the fireplace for warmth. Why not have a furniture switch up so more of your furniture is focussed towards the fire rather than the TV? Hopefully this will promote storytime around the fire with hot chocolate or mulled wine most evenings, rather than being glued to the box! Even if you don’t have a real fire or an electric fire in your mantelpiece, you can still place more of a focus around this area of the room.

Sensational Senses

Don’t forget that your interiors should be a treat for all of your senses – especially sight, smell and touch. It’s not all about accessories and furry textures – seasonal scents can make a real difference to your wintry makeover. Place candles around the home in scents such as cinnamon, pine needles and mandarin to create a cosy, warm and relaxing atmosphere. You could also use seasonal pot pourri with pinecones on dining tables or coffee tables which also has an aesthetic appeal.

Layer up the Furniture

Sofas, chairs, poufs and everything in-between can be layered up with a variety of textured fabrics. Tartan is a popular pattern used at this time of year, and can really add class and elegance to a cosy space, and cable knit it also an elegant and luxurious way to create texture.

Warm Walls

Sometimes the best way to take your home from one season into the next is with a lick of paint. Why don’t you beat the winter blues with some shades of indigo and navy? To really create a warm atmosphere though you’ll probably have to keep it safe with reddy browns and oranges. Of course, we recommend eco paints such as Earthborn, which are made from natural ingredients and won’t give off dangerous toxins in your home.