Storage Inspiration: Top 5 Storage Hacks

Do you live in a small space with just too much stuff?! Modern homes seem to be decreasing in size, yet the objects and belongings we “need to have” seem to be increasing. The result is a very cluttered home, with no clean spaces and a stuffy atmosphere which you can’t relax in.

What’s the answer to this puzzle? Surely there is some amazing storage design which can come to the rescue and ensure we can carry on living like this? We’re not so sure. If you live in a small apartment in the city, there is only so much you can fit in your closets!

However, when it comes to furniture design and storage inspiration, the experts here at Empatika can definitely help. Whether you need some clever hacks to organise the contents of your wardrobe or would like to create some space to keep your book collection, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Read on for our top five storage hacks which will make your life much easier.

1. De-clutter

Ok so this isn’t exactly a storage tip in the form of an innovative cabinet or a Narnia-esque extending wardrobe; but it is a valuable piece of advice if you are looking for storage. We’ve seen it time and time again – we design and build the most beautiful piece of furniture for a client, and within minutes it is covered up and cluttered again. Before buying your storage solution, have a good clear out so you’re only keeping exactly what you need.

You may not think of yourself as a hoarder, so presume that this step doesn’t apply to you. It does. Everyone collects bits and pieces and random objects which they have no use for – so every now and again you need to de-clutter.

Clutter isn’t just bad for interior design; it could also be bad for your physical and mental health. It can affect other areas of your life, and make you feel anxious and stressed in your own home. If you think you need help de-cluttering your home, then get in touch with our interior design and de-cluttering expert, Helen Sanderson. She helps homeowners clear clutter from their lives before putting away the things that really matter into their beautiful new storage cabinets.

2. Sneaky Shelving

If you don’t have much wall space around your home but need some shelves, then a good place is usually on the staircase. If you are placing them on the wall adjacent to the stairs, of course do take care when choosing the height – and make sure children and guests to your home are well aware of them so they don’t hit them on their way up or down.

Alternatively, why not transform the redundant space beneath the staircase? You could build a built-in bookshelf cabinet, or just fit normal shelving to create as much storage as you need.

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3. Multi-functional Furniture

Some items are pure genius, offering a 2 in 1 (or sometimes 3 in 1)! If you just don’t have the floor space for lots of furniture, these practical items are for you. Think coffee tables with draws, beds with storage solutions built in underneath, seating and poufs which open up to allow you to store items inside. Start looking for pieces of multi-functional furniture and you’ll be surprised what you find!

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4. The Sky’s the Limit

When it comes to making the most of your space, you really do need to think vertically. This is especially true in the kitchen and the bedroom, where you’ll have items that you don’t need to reach for every single day. Build cabinets all the way to the ceiling (just made sure you have a ladder handy or something to stand on so you do have easy access). If you have limited space, then floor to ceiling storage is a practical option.

5. Ask an Expert

Some people have a knack for spotting storage opportunities, and fitted furniture designers are within this group of people. From suggesting height and depth and recommending the best places to optimise storage, the team at Empatika have decades of experience in helping homeowners create bespoke storage solutions. They can make a built-in wardrobe more functional or ensure that each shelf is sturdy enough to hold your particular belongings. Moreover, a tailored storage solution is built specifically to your needs so you know it will be fit for purpose, and of the highest quality.