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I like Rude Customers

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I like Rude Customers

I am not trying to be funny… I like potential customers who are rude on the phone… I find all the different types of people fascinating that call me everyday for fitted furniture, I love picking up the phone to hear who is on the other end, what they have to ask, what they would like doing, how they think, how they speak, how fast, slow, sometimes I can’t even understand them and I wonder if they think that they are being understood! I think it would be great if I spoke 20 different languages, I would love that, then I could just talk to everyone in their own language. I speak French and English though, I really feel privileged to be able to speak another language, I love it, it is nice to be able to go into another world for a bit. When I speak a different language I feel different, I feel the places where they speak that language, I feel the food of that country and the people I know…

…if you are thinking of getting fitted furniture with us, don’t speak bad things of me in french…

Sometimes I go to visit customers, and they are French, and I laugh to myself  when they speak french between themselves and don’t think I understand. Be warned, if you are thinking of getting fitted furniture with Empatika, don’t speak bad things of me in french as I won’t be happy!! I seem to get alot of French people contact me for fitted furniture who turn into customers, I do like french people, they remind me of where I was brought up in Belgium, I love their accent and they really like the detail and nice clean design I provide. I love France, it is one of my favourite places to go on holiday, I love eating nice food and I love menus that you get over there, I love food, good food. I like all sorts of other people too, I like anyone as long as they are kind, generous, considerate, thoughtful, I like to work with people who have the same ethics as me really.

…I thank them for being rude…

Anyway why do I love it when new customers are rude on the phone?  Well it’s simple, I thank them (in my head) for being rude because they have saved me a lot of aggravation and potential problems further down the line. My sister works with me as my PA, and I sit next to her and sometimes over hear conversations and I can’t believe how ignorant some people are to think that they can talk to a secretary or PA in a rude and disrespectful way and think that they will get what they are wanting.

The secretary or PA is the most important person you need to get on with…

The secretary or PA is the most important person you need to get on with because if you don’t come across like a nice caring kind of person who respects others, you won’t be put through and you won’t get the beautiful fitted furniture you want, you can’t talk down to someone because of their position and think that the boss won’t find out about it. So really it’s great when people are rude from the word go, that way the job is a simple one, no more hassle, job is done without it even having started, easy, no money though, but for me money is not money, I don’t want money form disrespectful people, only kind people, if I worked just for money, I would have given up long ago, I work because I want to make a difference to the people who I engage with, I want to help them, not screw them over, I take it very very personally, I can’t sleep if I feel I have done something wrong.

…as much as they choose us, we choose them…

Walnut veneered shelving and white back

Customers think they choose us, and they do, but just as much as they choose us, we choose them, we like to work with nice people, my job is not about designing and fitting furniture, it is about making people happy, making their lives easier and more enjoyable, and I am there to help them if they are the right person with the right attitude, money isn’t enough to compensate for people we don’t like, I like to work with people who I like and I know I can better their lives, make them totally satisfied and make the whole process a pleasure, we can’t do that with people who don’t respect us and are rude to us.

…my job is not about designing and fitting furniture, it is about making people happy…

modern white bookcase shelving

Working for a customer, is working with a customer, it is a partnership where our ideas come together to make the perfect modern fitted furniture. Here is a what one of our many wonderful customers Andrew Pinnington from London has to say about working with us:

“both the carpenters and painters employed were courteous, prompt, tidy, efficient and hard working. This is not going to be the cheapest service that you sue, but they are worth every penny because of that quality and reliability. There are no hassles associated and the finished product looks great.”

If you have any questions feel free to ask, email me at Thank you for reading, Tristan Titeux

About the Author:

Tristan is the founder and director of Empatika. He has been designing bespoke fitted furniture for over a decade now, from wardrobes, bookcases, media units home libraries all built in peoples homes mostly in London. Tristan's background in photography allows him to design beautifully balanced pieces of built in furniture. He is also passionate about taking care of the Rainforest and buys an acre of the Amazon for each of his clients.