Is Empatika the right company for you?

We want to ensure you get exactly the fitted furniture you want, so we need to be sure we are right for you.

You are more likely to end up with the fitted furniture of your dreams if we are matched and right for each other. We don’t pretend to be able to please everyone, we all have different needs and criteria, and this goes both ways. I believe there is a place for everyone and all different types of companies. At Empatika we very specifically offer Contemporary Design because that is what I love and if I don’t bring love to my work, you won’t get what you want.

Our work is of extremely high quality. We take great care in your home and leave it how you would like us to leave it. We take time with the design process too and ask you lots of questions and spend time with you to ensure we understand precisely what you want. Once the job is done and you are totally happy, we keep in touch with you and don’t run away, we support you throughout the long life of your furniture..

All this care takes time, if you are looking for a company and don’t know if you can afford it or simply want a different type of design you can sign up to our handy tips in the top right hand corner of this blog and receive our booklet about the “7 biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture”.

I care deeply about what I design and my company builds for you. I want to make sure that this effort goes towards someone who will enjoy the time that goes into your fitted furniture experience with us.

When you commission Empatika for your fitted furniture, it is more than another job for us, we enter in a partnership where we put everything we have into making sure that we work with your interest as the top priority and think about everything that will benefit you, we listen to you carefully to ensure we understand exactly what you want.

We will be with you if you need any help once the fitted furniture is build too, we are not interested in just coming and going as quick as we can and taking off with a financial profit, there is so much more than that at play, I get my satisfaction from making you happy.

I am honest, caring and will do all I can to ensure that I help you get the best you can get, and that runs throughout my company Empatika.

We are not just creating some beautiful modern storage cupboards for you, we are helping you with your life, helping you enjoy it more, helping to de clutter it, helping you think about how to deal with all your belongings, and even help you understand more about the materials that go into making your furniture and ensure you are get the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed positively to the world by choosing eco friendly and ethical materials if that is what you want. If you are not totally satisfied I won’t be either, and I won’t accept that…

We will be perfectly suited to you the more of the following traits and interests you have:

  • You have high expectations and goals.
  • You like contemporary design.
  • You like shopping.
  • Want beautiful design.
  • You read home and interiors magazines.
  • You like adventure and surprise.
  • You are kind.
  • You like to read.
  • You may have young children.
  • You are considerate.
  • You are caring and respectful of others.
  • Are fussy and choosy.
  • Appreciate attention to detail
  • You expect a lot.
  • Enjoy good food.
  • Like learning new things
  • Enjoy traveling.
  • You are generous and like to spend money on others.
  • You like history, you like to think about how it affects your present and future.
  • You like to know how things work.
  • You enjoy working and like your job.
  • Like simplicity
  • You like to cook.
  • You like people who change the world like Jamie Oliver.
  • You like Apple design.
  • You like to research what you buy.

On top of that our eco option customers like:

  • You care about others and the world around you.
  • You care about the environment.
  • You appreciate local produce.
  • You like to buy British when possible.
  • You would like to give back to society and the world.
  • You like to buy ethical products.
  • You eat organic food.

If you want to find out more about getting some fitted furniture built by Empatika or someone else, download the free tips booklet in the top right hand corner of this page, it will help  you choose the right company for you.

We may or may not be the company for you but I will be happy to know that I have helped you make the right choices as there are mistakes you can avoid making if you download our Free Booklet. You will also receive a monthly handy tip to keep your house looking clean and in good shape, plus an amusing or educational amazing fact.

Plus the chance to win an amazing prize every month worth up to £200, such as tea for two at the Ritz, Ferrari race track drive, Top restaurant for two or even £150 of John Lewis vouchers to give you an idea.

If you are not sure you have the budget for our fitted furniture please check our pricing page for some examples of fitted furniture we have designed and built. Tristan Titeux, Founder of Empatika