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Plants Perfect for Your Office

You probably take steps throughout the day at work to help you relax and distress. But there’s a workplace accent that you can bring to your office to help you feel better—and help your office work healthier too: plants. Plants make an office more beautiful, of course, but they also help you remember more and [...]

Top Features of a Beautiful and Useful Bedroom

While the kitchen and living areas may act as the hubs of the home, bedrooms should never go unnoticed. As far as the Empatika team are concerned, bedrooms should be tranquil sanctuaries where you can relax, unwind and of course, catch up on those all-important ‘z’s. They should be given just as much, if not [...]

The Extra Details That Make Your House a Home

Do you live in a house or a home? A house is simply the building in which we live, a practical structure with four walls and a roof over your head. A home however is a special place, building or location where we feel like we belong. At Empatika, we love helping our customers add [...]

Top Low Maintenance Plants for Your Office

You probably know the many benefits of placing greenery around the office – and if not, why not?! Research into office plants has proven that as well as purifying the air and improving wellbeing, indoor plants can also boost employee productivity by 15%. Some studies even show that introducing a lot of potted plants [...]

Top Smart Storage Solutions to De-Stress Your Home

Mess can affect a person’s wellbeing; it can make then ‘go crazy’ amongst other things. Individuals like their mess to be tidied away – out of sight, out of mind and most home owners want storage cupboards for everything from the recycling to the hoover, but many homes weren’t built that away. However, anything [...]

How to Create a Perfect Home Cinema

If you have a spare bedroom at home which you’re looking to find a use for, a personal home cinema could be an incredible addition. Whether it’s a bachelor pad, family home or a house share, film lovers can impress guests by creating an impressive sanctuary worthy of the planet’s biggest blockbusters. A home [...]

Hop into Spring with These Interior Design Tips

Spring is in the air and what better time to give the house a seasonal spruce up? If you’re on the search for some inspiration, read on for some of our favourite tips that will have your home looking lovely in no time. Adding fresh flowers If there is one thing that embodies the [...]

Why You Need to Choose Interior Designers Over Salesmen

If you are revamping just one room of your home or all of it, it is a big decision and an important project. What could be more important than creating the perfect space for you and your family to relax and make memories in? The order of your home has a direct impact on [...]

How to Master the Art of Living Walls

As one of this year’s hottest interior design trends, living walls utterly revolutionise the home. Trendy and aesthetically beautiful, they also inject an eco-friendly touch. To create your very own living wall feature, implement these insider tips. What is a Living Wall? A living wall is a highly inventive, visually arresting and eco-friendly design [...]

Interior Decorating Tips To Boost the Value of Your Home

Home is where the heart is as well as our sanctuary; the place we can retreat to and relax. But a home is also an investment. Maximising the resale value of any property is easily achievable by implementing a few manageable steps. Here’s a few ideas for boosting the value of your home, and [...]