Interior Design Trends Which Never Go Out of Style

If you follow trends in anything, whether it’s fashion, technology or interior design, you’ll understand the general consensus – that you have to replace your belongings quite often to keep up. Following design trends can be exciting and it’s always good to be ahead of the crowd; the first to buy the latest contemporary furniture or sport the season’s hottest new shoes. But it can get tiring and rather expensive to stay hot on the heels of trends all year round.

Along with the latest trendy items, it’s important to have some staple pieces which never go out of style. In terms of fashion you’d be thinking a trench coat, an LBD and a classic pair of jeans. But what about when it comes to interior design, and the way we like to dress our homes? Re-decorating and changing colour schemes on a regular basis is much more difficult than changing up your wardrobe or buying the latest must-have item!

It’s not always about being a sheep and following the herd. For mainstay décor ideas and interior design pieces which will always make you feel fashionable, read on. We’ve got a definitive list of design pieces and décor options which simply won’t go out of style until the end of time.

The Chesterfield Sofa

Truly British, the Chesterfield is timeless. Go for the traditional leather look for studies and English dining rooms, or opt for a more modern version in another fabric, or even a corner sofa style for the lounge.

Neutral Palettes

When it comes to choosing shades and patterns for a colour scheme, there’s only one safe way to go – neutral. While pastel furniture and bright statement walls may look impressive at first, colour trends are usually the first to fall by the wayside. Going neutral and utilising minimal colour can help you form a blank canvas for incorporating any new trends you fall in love with.

The Task Lamp

From small bedside lights and desk lamps to larger, free standing versions, the industrial style task lamp is an interesting feature for any room. Available in a huge range of finishes, shapes and sizes, this item is functional as well as pleasing to the eye, and we can’t see it ever clashing with current trends.

Minimalist Furniture

Clean, strong lines never go out of fashion, which is why minimalist style furniture is a wise choice. Whether it’s a bookcase or a wardrobe, white is a great colour as it complements any colour scheme and is the essence of contemporary chic. Move over dark woods, white and minimal is here to stay.

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Drum Shades

Lighting is everything when it comes to creating ambience and adding feeling to a room. Whether it’s overhead lights, lamps or decorative lighting effects, there’s plenty of lighting trends which come and go. One style feature which is always on trend though, for lamps and overhead lights, is the drum shade.

What are your favourite design trends which never go out of style? Let us know on social media.