Empatika News: Tristan Says I Do!

Tristan and Sarah Got Married!

November was an extra special month for Tristan as he married the love of his life! He is still on a high from the celebration but wanted to share a few images.

“I got married last weekend and can’t believe the feeling of having all the people I love around me for a whole day and night, it was so overwhelmingly emotional, wherever I turned there was someone I wanted to hug and kiss! If you aren’t married yet, it’s a great excuse to get all your loved ones together for a whole fun filled day, it was well worth it and I will never forget this magical day.”

Empatika’s Recent Work: Children’s Loft Bedroom

We’re thrilled to show you one of our trickiest and most successful projects for a long time – this entire loft bedroom in Islington. The large unit includes two alcove wardrobes, a removable radiator cover, a stair bookcase, hidden storage, bookcases at either end and finished off with floating shelves.

As a loft space, there were lots of awkward spaces in the room that the homeowners wanted to make as useful as possible. The Empatika team designed and installed a bespoke unit to fit all the awkward spaces as well as creating space for reading, playing and storing toys and books. There is space to hide long term storage behind doors in the eaves, and space for deep hanging in the alcoves for clothing. This entire unit was also hand painted by the Empatika team.

As fitted furniture specialists we can advise you on the most practical and aesthetically pleasing options for your available space – get in touch to arrange a quote.