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Bespoke Display Units

Beautiful display units made with your possessions in mind

There really is nothing quite like a handcrafted, bespoke display unit in your living space to give your home a real sense of luxurious style. With all of your books, photo frames, vases and unusual ornaments you’ve collected on your travels, all placed in perfectly measured spaces, your living quarters will be transformed into the neat, tidy and stylish space you’ve been dreaming about.

At Empatika we take great pride in our consultation process to bring you extraordinary furniture solutions to suit your home, your lifestyle and your belongings. We painstakingly measure all of your favourite possessions that you want to put on display to make sure everything you love has a perfect space to live.

Why not set your home apart from the crowd with a beautiful bespoke unit from Emtpatika?

Give our team a call now on 0800 458 9158 to find out more about our bespoke furniture solutions. Empatika units are the perfect way to display art, books, beautiful ornaments, vases and family photographs.

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Built-in display units:
the elegant way to frame your prized possessions

Every display unit we produce is unique. We approach every new design with an open mind, and tailor each piece of furniture to fit perfectly into your home. Whether you want units fitting into alcoves, across a whole living room wall, or built into awkward spaces, our talented craftsmen at Empatika can create the beautiful and functional shelving unit you are looking for. We are experts at making beautiful furniture for beautiful homes.

  • We are passionate about sustainability. We are proud to use responsibly sourced wood, enabling us to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors.
  • We can light your bespoke unit beautifully, without an ugly wire in sight.
  • We listen and create designs our clients love, and we tweak designs until our clients are 100 per cent happy before we get to work.
  • We make furniture of exceptional quality, built to last, in beautiful designs to bring wow-factor to your home.

Made to measure display units for a unique stylish home

At Empatika, we are sticklers for details. We’ll make sure all of the possessions you want to feature in your living space are ordered in a way that shows them off to perfection. We’ll measure all of the important pieces you want on show, and even draw those pieces in scale on the plans to illustrate exactly what you can expect from your bespoke unit with Empatika.

We have exceptional experience in creating beautiful fitted furniture for the home. As part of the design process, we’ll ask lots of questions to ensure your bespoke solution is designed to your exact requirements. We can combine open shelving for your prized possessions with closed storage to keep essentials neatly hidden away. Need a cupboard for board games, or your collection of tea sets? Empatika makes furniture to suit you, your home, and your belongings.

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Display units by Empatika: unique designs built by master craftsmen

We understand that bespoke furnishings may be more expensive than shop-bought versions. But most standard display units don’t have the right combination of shelving spaces to fit your favourite ornaments, photo frames, books and plants.

A bespoke option gives everything you own a perfectly formed place. There’s no price to be put on creating a beautifully ordered space to live in. After all, they say a calming home is the basis for good health. We’ll do everything we can to keep your costs down, but in case you need convincing, here are a few reasons why a bespoke unit is right for you and your home.

  • Bespoke furniture adds a luxurious and stylish edge to the home.
  • Every inch of space is cleverly used to frame your art, photos and ornaments; it brings your living space to life.
  • A custom-made unit keeps your home beautifully ordered and creates a calming ambience.
  • Every piece of furniture we build is made to fit perfectly. There’ll be no more hunting for shelving solutions to fit into awkward spaces.
  • Say goodbye to clutter. All of your possessions will have a perfectly designed space to live.

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Custom-made shelving units by Empatika: breathing life into living spaces

Our possessions, the things we collect and treasure through our lifetime, define who we are. They are a reminder of where we have come from and where we want to go in life. Out tastes in art, books and ornaments say something about us. At Empatika we understand that more than most other furniture designers. Our carefully crafted bespoke display cabinets are frames for your unique style.

We put you and your belongings at the heart of the design process. We see ourselves as clever facilitators in making homes come to life with personal gems. If you want to breathe life into your living space, why not choose a custom-made display cabinet by Empatika? We love to transform homes from ordinary to extraordinary.

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