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Who we are.

We are a small specialist bespoke fitted furniture business. We have a lot interest in what we do from returning, recommended and new customers, but we only have a certain capacity a month. Therefore we can only accept a certain amount of clients per year. We prefer to specialise and keep the work small scale rather than mass produce, our whole team are dedicated to doing one job at a time to ensure the most personal bespoke service.

Our associates.

We also have associates who we work with in London and around the country who we can recommend you to if we don’t have enough capacity or if you are out of our area.

Limited time.

Looking at our website statistics, we can see that we get over 4000 visitors a month to our website and so you can see that we can only choose a very small amount of people that we choose to work with.

Making people happy and saving the Rainforest.

I am in the fortunate position that I can do something I love which is designing fitted furniture, making people happy and using my business to fuel my passion for the protection of the rainforest and buy acres of the Amazon to protect it forever from deforestation so that future generations can benefit from it.

Not just any fitted furniture company.

We specialise in contemporary style only because that is what I love, I like simple, clean minimal design that is well designed to be as useful as possible and designed to fit you like a glove. you can look at our furniture galleries if you haven’t already and if you like the style we do, that is a good start, secondly we like to work for people who are kind, and caring, who like our ethos which is to use our business to make a difference in the world.

We are not interested in customers who just want some fitted furniture and don’t care who they get it from, there are plenty of other companies who can offer that, if that is you stop reading now.

Working with people who are interested in what we are about.

If you have not looked around our website and got to know us, I suggest you do that and get to know what makes me tick and how we work, start with the About us page.

What others say about us will help you.

Don’t forget to also see our testimonials.

If you like the photos of what we have done before we will be a good fit for you.

And don’t of course forget our photo gallery.

If you care about the future for our chidren, we will get on.

Read about our stance on the environment.

If you are really wanting to go deep, read my published book.

Read Tristan’s book here.

Even if we are not a match, this booklet will help you whoever you choose.

Download our booklet entitled “The 7 biggest mistakes people make when buying fitted furniture and how to avoid them”.

If you love to read we have many blog posts.

Read some of our blogs.

We would be delighted to hear form you.

Once you feel you have got to know us and feel that we are the company to best represent your needs then we will be delighted to hear from you.

Time is precious.

The honest truth is that we are busy taking care of customers and don’t want you contacting us if you have not used our website to get to know us and really want to work with us.

We will work on getting you the perfect solution.

We will work with our selected few customers on a one to one basis, one visit will be in person, by me, then follow ups will be made by email, telephone, skype or even text or all of them, whichever works for you.

I will work hard with you at the visit to make sure I know exactly what you want before leaving, no matter how long it takes, by the time I leave your home, we will both have a picture of what your furniture will look like.

The process.

Once you have accepted the final quote. I will then prepare drawings that I will email you to comment on, from then you can request as many revisions as you like and you can take as long as you like, we don’t rush this process at all, it is important that every detail has been thought about. Only when you agree the final drawings do we set a date in the diary for us to install your fitted furniture.

Finally the cost.

Many people want to work wiht us, but not many can afford what we charge. Please note that a piece of fitted furniture from us realistically starts at £5000 plus vat, if you want to get a very rough idea of prices, see our pricing page here.

Fill out the registration of interest form.

So if you think we can help you please fill out the short form below with your details and tell us why you would like to work with us, what fitted furniture you would like designing, 1-3 examples of fitted furniture you like from our gallery and where you live.

Can we work with you.

Once we have asessed your registration we will let you know if we can help. If you are out of our area, we can recommend someone else who could help you.

Other solutions.

If you are in London and our quote is too high for you we can match you up with another Empatika registered provider called Alex of Jake who may be able to consider working with you directly.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tristan Titeux


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