Bespoke Furniture Weybridge: Stylish and Functional Furniture by Empatika

Lack of space is a common problem in many homes. No matter how you organise your stuff, you always lack room for all of them. Empatika has the solution you need–stylish and functional bespoke shelving that can turn your alcoves into convenient storage places.

A More Comfortable Home with Stylish Custom Furniture Weybridge

It can be frustrating to see several alcoves that you cannot utilise for storage. The corners are incongruent; the space seems too small. You cannot fit in a box and hate having no access to things you use and love.

These awkward alcoves can become well-built storage units with the help of Empatika. Not an inch of space will be wasted. We will fit in the shelving by measuring the entire area of each alcove. Then, we will make a design that will maximise space as well as improve the look of your alcoves and the rest of your home.

Empatika aims to make every home as stylish and comfy as possible with the best custom-made furniture. You can have bespoke furniture for your bedroom, for your children’s bedroom, living room, kitchen, home study, or any part of your house. Our craftsmen are approved by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Empatika is also a member of the Organisation for Responsible Business and The Association for Environmentally Conscious Building and Made in Britain. It is why we are no. 1 in London and gaining reputation all over the UK.

Eco-Friendly Fitted Furniture Weybridge

With Empatika, you will be part of every stage of furniture design and construction. We will make a 3D drawing of the bespoke furniture you want after discussing your ideas. And we will only start crafting your dream furniture after you have completely approved of the design. Interior design and home-decluttering are also among our company’s professional services.

Here’s a list of the furniture we specialise in:

  • Bespoke bookcases
  • Bespoke bedrooms and wardrobes
  • Bespoke home offices
  • Bespoke home libraries and studies
  • Bespoke media units
  • Bespoke display units
  • Bespoke cupboards

Empatika’s passion for both furniture-making and the environment is another huge plus for you! We ensure that the materials we use in customising your dream furniture are ecologically-friendly. For wood, we use Medite Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) which is a non-hazardous material. With MDF, there is no need to cut more trees and sacrifice more forests since MDF comes from tree cut-offs.

If you want eco-furniture with the luxurious look of hardwood, then Empatika is the right place for you. We can give your dream furniture an oak or walnut finish that closely resembles real wood. There’s still that essence of coolness and earthiness as you enjoy the comfort of your customised furniture.

Besides being stylish and functional, our products are designed to guard your health. For our finishing touches, we utilise recycled glass and plastic along with plant-based paints and clay plasters that absorb and neutralise harmful chemicals from the environment.

You also have the option to personally paint your custom-made furniture, or we’ll paint it for you in white or another colour.

Beautifying Your Home and Saving our Planet through Built-in Furniture Weybridge

Empatika’s furniture is made of natural materials which come from sustainable sources in Ireland and manufactured in the UK. In addition to providing eco-furniture options, we plant a tree through the Woodland Trust for every customer who patronises our product. We also preserve an acre of rainforest for every customer who spends £5000 on our custom-made furniture.

Having beautiful and green custom furniture is possible with Empatika. It’s so easy to get in touch with us. Just go to our website or any of our social media accounts and send us a message.