Virginia Water

Bespoke Furniture Virginia Water – Elegant and Timeless Storage Solutions by Empatika

Empatika, London’s no. 1 furniture service provider, offers elegant solutions for every storage dilemma. You don’t have to let everyday clutter dominate your house and ruin your home. All you need is Empatika’s stylish and functional bespoke furniture.

Fitted Furniture Virginia Water: Expertly Tailored to Suit Your Needs

We often get ideas for an ideal house from magazines and TV shows. But inspirations can be hard to translate to reality. You have to consider: Which of them are practical? How can you style your home exactly the way you want it?

Customise with expert help from Empatika. We’ll help you create your ideal home while saving you money and time. We’ll start with your ideas, then come up with a 3D drawing to help you visualise. We can keep on revising until you’re satisfied with the design. Then, our master craftsmen will start creating your ideal furniture.

Our artisans belong to the Guild of Master Craftsmen. Empatika is also a member of the Organisation for Responsible Business and The Association for Environmentally Conscious Building and Made in Britain.

An Ideal Home Begins with Built-in Furniture Virginia Water

Empatika customises many types of home furniture. We use eco-friendly materials that are highly durable and cost-effective. You are guaranteed to own one of the best bespoke furniture in the world.

Here are some of our bespoke creations:

  • Bookcases. Designs vary to suit your taste and needs, be it contemporary, modern, random, white or clean. You can have a bespoke bookcase built for your bedroom, home study, personal library, or living room.
  • Wardrobes. We’ll plan this together so that all of your essential belongings have compartments in your dream wardrobe. Our bespoke wardrobe can help you get completely organised and have an easier life.
  • Shelving and cabinets. No matter how awkwardly shaped a room or nook, we will measure every millimetre of it and come up with perfectly fitted furniture.
  • Media units. Your television and other media equipment will be located in a place where you can best enjoy them. There’s also a convenient space for wirings to keep them secured and out of sight.
  • Display Units. Everything gets measured including your books and ornaments so that space is maximised. We can add lighting to create a dramatic effect as well.
  • Cupboards and cabinets. We combine style and functionality even for kitchen furniture.
  • Children’s bedroom. Our Eco Option will create a safe haven for your children with custom furniture along with bed lamps and beddings made from natural and organic materials.
  • Home office
  • Home library

Timeless Beauty in Made to Measure Furniture Virginia Water

Empatika uses only the finest and ecologically-friendly materials for the sake of your health, the beauty of your home, and our planet’s welfare.

For wood, we use Medite Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) which is durable and non-hazardous. MDF comes from tree cut-offs and sawdust pressed firmly together.

For finishing touches, recycled glass and plastic are used along with plant-based paints. Our clay plasters absorb and neutralise harmful chemicals found in our surroundings. Thus, your family get protection from environmental toxins.

Empatika works together with the WWF and World Land Trust to achieve sustainability and conserve our Earth’s resources.