Made to Measure Furniture Portsmouth: Bespoke Pieces in Hampshire’s Second Largest City

The overall style and functionality of your living space can be greatly affected by the quality of the furniture you decide to use in your home. The best way to make your home beautiful and at the same time functional, is choosing bespoke furniture.

No matter where you live in the UK, you can own unique furniture pieces when you consult with Empatika, London’s most experienced carpenters specialized in custom furniture.

Spruce Up Your Home with Custom Furniture by Empatika

Many of us dream of living in posh and tidy homes that look like the ones featured in magazines. These modern-looking homes have a luxurious but at the same time simple look.

An ordinary house can achieve this look with the right pieces of furniture and a smart home design. A key component of any home is the furniture and the right furniture can determine the style and feeling of a room, while keeping it tidy at all times. If you want a cosy atmosphere and modern vibe, you need furniture with a clean and modern finish that fits perfectly into your room.

Such is the kind of furniture that we make at Empatika. Our furniture is tailored to suit your needs and help you keep it tidy in a stylish way. Our design aesthetic is simple, classic and modern, and strives to make timeless pieces that you will still appreciate no matter how many years pass.

Empatika builds furniture according to your specifications. We conduct home visits and produce computer-generated 3D drawings to create the perfect design of your furniture. We service and build the furniture for homes located in London, but can do remote design and eco-consulting for homes located in other cities. Prospective clients in Portsmouth can reach us through the phone or by email to let us know their furniture requirements.

Elegant and Modern Bespoke Furniture for UK Homes

In addition to bringing elegance to homes, custom pieces have been proved to be more functional and ergonomic than ready-made pieces of furniture. Custom-made furniture follows the exact requirements of homeowners, utilising every inch of space available to make a room tidier. Bespoke furniture is built based on needs, therefore the final product is the perfect addition to your home to keep the room tidy and organised.

Our smart storage solutions have earned Empatika a credible reputation in custom carpentry. We can build and install furniture in the most awkward and irregularly-shaped spaces or corners. Our products fit perfectly into these spaces, appearing as if they are part of the house structure itself.

Empatika specialises in crafting bespoke pieces such as:

  • Custom TV units
  • Built-in desks
  • Entire home offices
  • Fitted home libraries
  • Fitted bespoke wardrobes
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Bespoke bookcases
  • Made to measure shelving units
  • Cupboards
  • Display cases

Even if you live in Portsmouth, we can still assist you with creating the perfect furniture for your home. After we provide you with the right design, we can put you in touch with trustworthy and skilled carpenters in the locality. We can then collaborate on executing the design and finishing the project.

Getting the Perfect Custom-Made and Sustainable Furniture is Easy at Empatika

Empatika’s commitment to producing well-made furniture is the same as our commitment to being a responsible business. We believe that all businesses have a responsibility to the planet, and we fulfil ours by strictly adhering to green policies and practices and supporting organisations such as the World Land Trust.