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A beautiful home needs beautiful furniture that wisely uses space while looking elegant at the same time.Empatika builds this kind of furniture– customised to suit your needs and yet stylish and eye-catching. Ordinary homes in Norfolk can transform into modern living spaces with Empatika, UK’s leading sustainable bespoke furniture provider.

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Custom-made Furniture

: Norfolk Home Solutions

What makes a home beautiful and stylish? Some may say it’s owning luxurious pieces or hiring expensive interior decorators. For us at Empatika, we believe the secret is simplicity.

When a house is clean, organised, and in order, it appears inviting and more cohesive. A room with clean lines and a streamlined look has a modern minimalist vibe, creating an atmosphere of chic functionality. This is the style that Empatika’s furniture adheres to, and we achieve this by crafting well-built storage tailored to every home’s requirements.

Empatika’s customised furniture are more functional and practical than store-bought pieces. Each furniture we build has the right dimensions to perfectly fit in your home-- neither too large nor too small. We also design the furniture according to your needs, providing storage space where you need them and installing accessories such as lamplights upon request. Our furniture can also be built-in to the structure of your home, eliminating awkward spaces that can be created by free standing furniture.

Bespoke is clearly the better investment when it comes to furniture. Besides its functionality, Empatika’s furniture also possess a clean look that makes each piece timeless. Our furniture will surely brighten your room, and help you organise your belongings in style.

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Handmade Furniture Norfolk

Empatika’s team of carpenters and artisans are experts in their field. They are approved by the Guild of Master Craftsmen and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and work ethics.

Their superior skills are demonstrated by their ability to build furniture in the most awkward spaces.

  • Narrow corridors

  • Hallways

  • Under the stairs

  • Corners

  • Beneath the windows

  • Small bedrooms

  • Attics

Our method allows us to craft furniture that perfectly fits in these areas. We also use a computer-generated 3D image to allow customers to visualise the final product and guide us in building the custom piece.

Empatika offers eco-options for the conscientious customer. We use sustainable and low-toxic materials, to create a safer and healthier environment for kids and pets. We also support the Woodland Trust and other green advocacies by donating on behalf of every customer.

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Build-in Furniture: Norfolk

and Other Cities

Norfolk is just one of the various locations Empatika serves outside of London. For areas outsides our coverage, we offer remote design services and eco-consultancy. Whatever your furniture needs, we are here to help you and possibly link you to other trusted carpentry shops in your locality.

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Empatika is a proud British brand. When you choose Empatika, you are supporting local producers and the domestic economy. Best of all, you are choosing the best of British carpentry. Upgrade the style of your home with Empatika’s contemporary fitted furniture. Email us for a free quote and let’s customise the perfect furniture for you

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