You often ask us to do all sorts of wonderful jobs that we are not necessarily suited to, so to avoid you having to search high and low, we have compiled a list of useful contacts that will help you find exactly what you are after. If we can’t help you, we know someone who can. Please say you got their details from Custom Carpentry when contacting these companies.

Organic Painter Used for Some Bespoke Furniture By Empatika

The Organic Painter

T: 0208 449 8582

This is the home of eco-friendly painter Ciaran Coyne who cares about what goes into and comes out of the products he uses. The Organic Painter uses only natural organic paints and varnishes, free from solvents and VOCs – ideal for decorating anywhere in the home or any workplace where a healthy enviornment is a priority.

Rubish Removal And Cleaner For Bespoke Furniture By Empatika

Eco Rubbish Clearance

T: 0208 450 4567

If you need to dispose of almost anything from your home or business, Eco Rubbish Clearance can help. They recycle or donate to charity 95% of what they collect including broken appliances.

Safe Clean For Fitted Furniture By Empatika


T: 0800 136 369

Safeclean are a furnishing care company that have removed the need for harmful chemicals and do not rely on pesticides to remove dust mites and other unwelcome fauna in your home, so if you have young children or just don’t want to add more chemicals in your home then Safeclean are the company for you.

Any Junk For Bespoke Furniture By Empatika

Any Junk

T: 0207 819 9000

Their uniformed 2 man team clears junk from anywhere on the premises and sweep up before they go. They recycle or reuse more than 77% of everything they collect and supply a waste transfer note for every job. This is a very professional operation, they even come up to the floor you live on to pick up your rubbish, not just from the street, you need a waste license to carry waste which we don’t have so these people are perfect.



ANYVAN is the delivery auction website that can save you money on all your delivery needs by matching you with companies and couriers that are going your way already, this way you are using up unused space in millions of vans and trucks running around the country, reducing pollution, the service works really well.

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