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The kitchen area is one of the most heavily used areas in your house. That’s why you need to have durable and well-built kitchen shelves. On this aspect, Empatika is the best Bespoke Furniture Company you can rely on.


Built in Kitchen Shelves

There are several reasons why you have to try our built-in kitchen cabinets. First and foremost, you need to have durable cabinets for your heavy plates, cups, mugs, and other fragile kitchen items. Good news because Empatika is building durable handcrafted shelves for the kitchen items to be organised securely and in style.

We’ve been certified by the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This recognition has given us the approval that all our bespoke furniture products are durable and built to last.

We always see to it that our products are suitable to your personalised interior designs. That’s why we always consider your choice of shelf design, color, wood type to be used, and the other materials that our clients prefer.

With our custom-built cabinets, the style and function of your kitchen items are our main concern.


Custom Kitchen Shelves

to Satisfy Someone’s Desire

We’re sure that you have your own desire when it comes to having built-in kitchen shelves. Empatika has offered unique and functional kitchen shelves to satisfy your desire. We’re always committed to provide exceptional furniture projects.

Empatika offers world-class kitchen shelving products because:

  • Our shelves are made from tropical hardwoods;
  • We always ensure both function and aesthetics;
  • We handcraft environment-friendly kitchen shelves;
  • We use our preserved trees for the wood materials; and
  • We use non-synthetic plastics and paints.

Our customers have been satisfied through the years because of our consistent quality and commitment to craftsmanship. Hence, we have a long list of personal reviews from our valued customers. The functionality and uniqueness of our bespoke furniture have been proven.

You can easily satisfy your demand for customised shelves with Empatika’s help. We have the best people to work for you.

Best Handcraft

Fitted Kitchen Shelves

in London and the UK

Kitchen shelving, as we all know, is not easy. You need expert craftsmen, whom Empatika has, to create well-designed and functional pieces of furniture.

Our custom kitchen shelving products are recognized in London and across the UK. This has been justified by the awards and recognitions that we have received throughout the years. Aside from Guild of Master Craftsmen, we’re also a proud member of The Association for Responsible Business, The Association for Environmentally Conscious Building, and Made in Britain. These institutions speak for our expertise and credibility as the leading bespoke furniture maker.

Empatika is a name that you can trust when it comes to your kitchen shelving demands because we handcraft premium bespoke furnitures. We are dedicated to provide products with high quality, reasonable prices, and aesthetic value.

If you are looking for stylish, durable and eco-friendly kitchen shelving, Empatika is the solution. We customise bespoke furniture that are proudly made in Britain. Ask for a free quote and get started on your next big project. Call us at 0800 458 9158 or email us at

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