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Arranging your books, documentary files, and other personal belongings is very important. Aside from keeping clutter-free, it is a must to be able to easily locate files and similar items. That’s why you need floating shelves, which Empatika, the leading manufacturer and provider of bespoke floating shelves in London and the UK, is able to provide.

High Quality

Bespoke Floating Shelves

Empatika creates handcrafted floating shelves from sustainable wood sources. Each piece of furniture we make is a product of passion, excellence and quality. All Empatika furnitures are proudly made in the UK.

Our floating shelves serve as a stylish and organised solution to display books, photos, collectibles, travel mementoes and small to medium sized pieces of decoration since it can be made according to your needs, the size of the items you wish to display and the space where you want it installed. Floating shelves are a creative way to maximize blank walls or bare corners.

Enjoy Stylish

Custom Floating Shelves

by Empatika

Our customized floating shelves are attractive, stylish, and practical. Our designs come in a wide array of choices. If you have a bespoke floating shelf idea, our expert craftsmen can turn it into a reality.

Each piece of shelf is made with passion and pride. Expect excellent craftsmanship when you order a custom furniture.

We can guarantee that each piece we create is:

  • Durable
  • Made according to a design that perfectly represents your personal preference and lifestyle
  • Made with sustainable wood and eco-friendly materials
  • Carefully inspected by the best and the most experienced craftsmen in the company

The features cited are sufficient for you to believe that our offered bespoke floating shelves are the best in Britain. They’re made for your comfort and convenience.


Custom-Made Floating Shelves

The price of all our bespoke furniture sets reflects on the long-lasting quality we’re able to provide. We always consider the materials to be used and the space in your home where a shelf is going to be placed. Rest assured we have the best custom floating shelf for you.

After years of experience in this industry, we know how to meet everyone’s demand. With our top-quality pieces, you can have the breeze of life.

We can also preserve an acre of rainforest for you if you you spend more than £5000 on our bespoke furniture items. This is part of commitment to sustainable furniture practice.

Empatika always prioritises quality, attractiveness, durability, and sustainability. Let’s get started to assess your demand for bespoke floating shelves! And let our craftsmen provide you the best floating shelf. Call us today at 0800 458 9158, or email us at right now!

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