Built In Bathroom Shelves

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Bathrooms are probably one of the most neglected spaces yet the most personal and the most useful. This is what makes achieving a clutter free and highly-organised bathroom a challenge. Empatika provides functional and stylish solutions for your bathroom shelving needs.

Custom Bathroom Shelves

to Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

Bathroom shelves are effective solutions in keeping towels, linens, vanity supplies and bathing products organised. Designed to perfectly fit your needs, a bathroom shelf is all you will ever need to easily store and find things in your bath no matter how big or small.

As the leading bespoke furniture maker in London and in the UK, we handcraft carefully designed bathroom shelves exactly the way your prefer them. If you have a specific wood, finish or design in mind – our experienced craftsmen will make it accordingly. Our craftsmen are the best in London and the UK and we have the stamp of endorsement by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.


Built-In Bathroom Shelving

The shelves we make function as a piece of art and a storage solution. This means we create furniture that are durable yet stylish. As an environmentally conscious company, our eco-friendly shelves are made with sustainable methods including:

  • Providing an eco option for each bespoke furniture
  • Planting a tree for every customer
  • Buying timber and timber products from sustainable sources in the UK and Ireland
  • Use of certified and legal wood
  • Use of pioneering recycled materials wherever possible
  • Supporting the World Land Trust

Custom Bathroom Shelving

Made with Passion

Empatika is always driven by a passion for excellence and the environment. We find ways to keep homes organised and beautiful without negatively impacting the environment. This is why our designs and creations are built to last – through time and through your changing needs. We want you to enjoy a clutter-free bathroom as long as possible.

After all, Empatika combines design, function and durability. A well-organised bathroom offers a brief moment of relaxation – the pleasure of taking leisurely baths or showers in a quiet and peaceful room.

Our customised shelving services is the answer to your decluttering problems and interior design woes. Organise your bathroom and make wise use of too little or too much space with our bespoke bathroom shelving. Ask for a free quote by calling us at 0800 458 9158 or sending an email to info@empatika.uk today!

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