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Alcove is an architectural term that refers to a recess in a particular room in your house. This is the area where you can place your bespoke bookcases and other shelf items. If you’re looking for the best alcove shelves, Empatika is the leading provider in London and the UK.

Empatika Designs and Handcrafts

Alcove Shelves

We produce the best alcove shelves to meet your organising needs. Our customised shelves are of the highest quality and come with your own choice of wood, finish, and eco-option. Empatika craftsmen believe that furnitures must combine both world-class form and unique style. They are made from the tropical hardwoods to ensure long-lasting durability.

We’re the best in this industry because we practice a bespoke furniture business that provides strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. Cutting of trees, as we all know, has great environmental impacts, which have to be addressed. That’s why we teach our craftsmen with the so-called “sustainable furniture making”. With this business practice, the wood materials being used are taken from our preserved trees.

We also take our inspiration to build stylish furniture items, like bookcases, from our clients’ demands and lifestyle. Our goal is to create attractive shelves that can make organising and decorating a breeze for our clients. We only want the best products and services for all our clients.

Made to Measure Alcove Shelves

Made with Passion and Excellence

Empatika is the leading name in the bespoke furniture industry in London and the UK for many years now. Our capability, expertise and professionalism have been tested through times. When it comes to creating alcove shelves, we go beyond asking you for design preference – we find ways to make sure that the piece will meet your organising needs, your lifestyle and even your personal style.

Our expertise lies in our ability to organise and transform your home with top-notch shelves inside your room or near your fireplace area.

We assure that you will be fulfilled with the help of Empatika because:

  • Our customers’ dreams have always been fulfilled through the years;
  • We’ve been recognised as a sustainable furniture company;
  • We buy a tree for every customer;
  • Our wood materials come from UK’s sustainable rainforest;
  • We’re running this business for more than 10 years now; and
  • We’ve been rated as a 100% trusted company.

With these, Empatika is a company that you you can rely on for all your alcove shelving needs.

Bespoke Alcove Shelving

: Clever Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Alcove shelves are the best furniture solutions to maximise small spaces in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom or your home office. Empatika handcrafts shelves that reflect your personal style while solving your de-cluttering needs. We will provide you with the best design and implementation. Our goal is to transform your ideas into functional and beautiful pieces of furniture.

Every hand crafted furniture is of premium quality and offers both style and comfort. Empatika furnitures are built to last. Our storage and organising solutions can give you peace of mind, as you can easily relax while reading books or watching the telly because everything is well-arranged in your alcove cabinets.

Handcrafted alcove shelves made to suit your lifestyle and organising needs are the perfect solution to achieve a clutter-free home. Empatika is a trusted name when it comes to bespoke furnitures in the London and the UK. Email us at info@empatika.uk for a free quote and let’s customise the perfect alcove shelves for your loved ones to be happy. Or, call us now at 0800 458 9158.  

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