Walnut Fitted Wardrobes

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If the kitchen is the heart of every home, then the bedroom must be the soul. The bedroom is that special place where we dream, share intimate moments with our loved ones, and find refuge after having a hard day.

You can give this sacred place a luxurious look by building a walnut fitted wardrobe that stores all your items in style.


Bespoke Wardrobes

: Walnut Finish

The fitted wardrobe is a piece of furniture that allows homeowners to maximise the usage of the vertical space for storage. Fitted wardrobes are necessary to keeping big rooms neat and clutter-free. There are very few things that are indispensable in a bedroom, probably only two: your bed and a wardrobe.

Big walk-in wardrobes are almost a must in large luxurious homes. These pieces of furniture are usually made with hardwoods that can last for years, even decades. Of the hardwoods available in the market, walnut is said to be making a comeback, regaining its reputation as material for fashionable home furnishing.

Walnut has a straight grain, but tends to have wavy patterns closer to the roots. This wood can have a very light or very dark colour, depending on the variant. Walnut stands out for its rich colour that manifests in furniture even without staining or varnish. The natural look of the wood brings the beauty and freshness found only in nature and outdoors into the room. Walnut is also perfect for carving, making it the best material for intricately designed furniture.

Bedrooms with walnut furniture certainly feel luxurious. The deep colours of the wood serve as the perfect backdrop for tapestries and other furnishings. With the perfect lighting, walnut furniture can gleam and be the centre of attention in a bedroom.

Walnut furniture made from real hardwood can be expensive for smaller homes. It is also costly to the environment as it requires taking down more trees for home furnishing. There is one option if what you want is to achieve the same look of walnut furniture without the exorbitant expense. You can try bespoke furniture with walnut finish by Empatika.

Customized Walnut Wardrobe

for your Home

Custom bedroom wardrobes hold many advantages over store-bought furniture. You will soon realise that the extra cost you will be paying for bespoke furniture is truly worth it, if you take the superior quality of the final product and the convenience of the process into account.

If you choose to go bespoke with Empatika, you can:

  • Have full control over all the aspects of the project, from the design of the furniture, the materials to be used to the pace of the furniture project itself
  • Make use of awkward spaces and corners in your bedroom to build the piece of furniture to meet your needs
  • Have the perfect dimensions for each compartment or drawer in your wardrobe
  • Request for special accessories such as lighting or custom handles

Once you have your own unique fitted wardrobe, organising the bedroom will be a breeze. For the organising novice, here are a few tips to help you get started in the bedroom:

  • First thing to do is to empty the wardrobe and sort everything on a flat surface before putting anything inside the wardrobe
  • Classify your clothes. You can do this according to the frequency of use to determine which ones you will keep and which ones you will give away
  • Keep similar items in a single compartment (socks with socks, trousers with trousers)
  • Sort clothes in colours to help you find the piece quickly
  • Add hanging space or drawers for more storage
  • Attack hooks or pegs on walls or on the back of doors

Remember to abide by the most important rule when it comes to organising: keep only what you need. By eliminating all the stuff you don’t need in the bedroom will free up space for more important items and give your room a cosy atmosphere.

At the end of the day, we all enjoy spending time in a tidy bedroom. Make this wish a reality and contact Empatika to create a fitted bedroom wardrobe for you. Empatika builds bespoke furniture for UK homes using sustainable materials to lessen the impact of human activities on the world’s remaining forests. We use recycled wood and give our pieces a modern wooden finish to make them look rich and classic.

Built in Wardrobes

: Walnut

When it comes to creating modern-looking furniture in walnut finish for your bedroom, you can trust Empatika. Let us help you design the furniture you need and guide you in the process of transforming your bedroom. We finish our bespoke pieces in walnut, oak and other types of wood for the maximum effect.

We create 3D drawings of the final product, so that we can build the furniture exactly to your specifications. We will revise each drawing until we get your approval.

Besides doing top-notch carpentry work, our company is also committed to creating a greener and better world. We are a proud supporter of the Woodland Trust, and plant a tree for every customer that we have.

Declutter the bedroom and organise your belongings with fitted wardrobes. Call on 0800 458 9158 today and let Empatika transform your home with bespoke furniture!



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