Oak Fitted Wardrobes

: Classic Furniture for Your Home

Wood remains one of the classiest and most in-demand materials for making furniture. Compared to other materials, wood provides a homey and earthy vibe to a living space, inviting guests to stay in and feel at home.

Create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere for your home with oak furniture by Empatika, makers of bespoke units that transform drab rooms into contemporary spaces.


Sustainable and Unique

Built-in Oak Wardrobes

Oak furniture has a timeless appeal and blends nicely in any kind of space. Oak is a grainy wood prized for its sturdiness and the richness of its colour. Interior designers also like to use this hardwood for luxurious spaces, and as such we often find oak in hotels, grand halls and the homes of noble families.

There are two types of oak:

  • White – has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow rays and flecks
  • Red – has a light brown to pinkish red colour with a swirling pattern

White oak is a popular choice for cabinets, cupboards and small furniture for rooms, while red oak is often used for hardwood flooring in classically designed homes.

Furniture with an oak finish is ideal for modern homes that want to feel luxurious without using real oak. Oak wood has a huge commercial demand, and creating real hardwood furniture means cutting down more trees.

You can help preserve oak trees by having your furniture done in oak finish instead. Empatika uses recycled wood, a low formaldehyde MDF product that consists of sawdust and tree cut-offs firmly pressed together. This material is as sturdy as real oak wood but is more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Solid Oak Fitted Wardrobes

in Modern Finish

Empatika has created bespoke fitted wardrobes in an oak finish for many London homes. Our fitted wardrobes are built to the exact dimensions of the space available for the piece of furniture, maximising every inch for the optimal organisation of your clothes and other items.

When it comes to real hardwood furniture, maintenance can be expensive and time-consuming. A great oak finish can be achieved and maintained by doing the following:

  • Make samples of your finish before applying it to the wood.
  • Use a ground colour that will provide the right undertone for your finish.
  • Scuff-sand oak carefully.
  • Add a topcoat to preserve the colour.
  • Protect the surface with a coating of shellac and bring life back to the wood.
  • Apply a dark stain glaze to highlight the beautiful grains of the wood.

Achieving a beautiful wood finish can be possible without sacrificing real trees. At Empatika, our furniture has an oak finish that resembles real hardwood furniture. We do oak finishes in the four styles that wood experts say reveal the beauty of the wood’s grain and colour.

  • Mission Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Deep Dark Red Oak
  • Simple oak finish

Empatika furniture seamlessly combines form and function in one beautiful piece. Our furniture has clean lines and a modern design that makes each piece stand out in any space. Our furniture can even be accessorised with custom handles, lighting, and special paint for a more personalised feel.

Oak Fitted Wardrobes

: UK’s Green Furniture Maker

Our company tailors every piece of furniture to suit your tastes, using 3D drawings to help you visualise the final product. Each 3D drawing is subject to your approval, and we will only start building your furniture once you give us the green light.

Create the perfect fitted wardrobe with Empatika! Email us at info@empatika.uk for a quote. Let’s get started on your unique furniture when you call on 0800 458 9158!




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