Fitted Wardrobes

: The Functional and Stylish Way to Organise

The ideal wardrobe in your bedroom should not only cater for your clothes, shoes, and accessories in a convenient, adaptable, and stylish way, it must also blend with your home decoration and design.

Fitted Wardrobes UK

: Elegance and Functionality Guaranteed

Organising your clothes, shoes, and accessories is probably one of the most difficult tasks when moving into a new house. A fitted wardrobe can be of great help when trying to organise your personal belongings, providing you with a smarter and better room.

You can buy ready-made wardrobes at any furniture store. However, buying this kind of furniture cannot guarantee good value for money.

When you decide to buy a fitted wardrobe, you will definitely notice the difference. First of all, it saves time. Instead of going to many different stores in order to find the perfect wardrobe, you can instead ask an interior designer to design it for you. Fitted wardrobes are also functional because they fit your room perfectly. And don’t forget the style. When you opt for a custom made wardrobe your wardrobe will match the style of your home decoration. It will look as fashionable as you want it to be.

Empatika will help you do wonders with your wardrobe. With the help of our highly skilled and very professional craftsmen, we can help you create the fitted wardrobe that oozes with functionality and style.

Built in Wardrobes

: What You Need to Consider Before Building Your Wardrobe

Building your wardrobe can be a long process. There are many factors to be taken into account, such as the available space, the materials to be used, and, of course, the designs. Here are some aspects to consider before building your fitted wardrobe:

  • Materials – Your fitted wardrobe should be with durable materials. Wood is the perfect material for a fitted wardrobe. It has many advantages, such as its ability to store carbon dioxide, its sustainability, and other benefits throughout its life cycle.
  • Lighting – This is another important detail, as you need your wardrobe to have good lighting so you can see what you have inside.
  • Ventilation – Wardrobes need proper ventilation in order to keep away insects and mould.
  • Clothes – Planning is crucial and you need to think how you will organise your clothes. Where will the shirts and dresses go? And your socks and underwear? How many trousers do you have? Knowing these details can be very useful when getting into designing and building a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.

Made to Measure Wardrobes

: Functional Furniture at Empatika

Empatika will help you throughout the whole process of building your dream fitted wardrobe. We will personally visit your home for assessment. Our craftsmen and designer, who are Guild of Master Craftsmen approved, will listen to your ideas and pay attention to your requirements. We will also offer advice and solutions to problems that may arise. Our designer will then create a drawing of the fitted wardrobe with the measurements. We will revise the drawing until you are completely satisfied with it.

We will use custom and environmentally friendly materials for your furniture. In addition to building elegant furniture, Empatika is also known for its sustainability efforts. With the help of the Woodland Trust, a tree is planted in Sussex for every customer we serve. We also preserve an acre of rainforest for every customer that spends over £5000 on bespoke furniture.

Add a stylish and functional wardrobe to your home today. Email us for a free quote and let’s customise the perfect furniture for your loved ones. Or call us on 0800 458 9158!


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