Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

: Personalised to suit all your needs

Your room is your personal space. It’s your sanctuary. This is the place where you relax and take a break from all what happens outside your home. Your bedroom should be a haven for you and your personal belongings.

If you have a small space for your bedroom and cannot fit all of your belongings, then planning out the perfect fitted wardrobe is a must. A fitted wardrobe in your room will not only save you space – it can also make you feel at home.


Built in Bedroom Wardrobes

: Steps in Building Your Dream Wardrobe

Space is one of the problems that most of the people face when they build a fitted wardrobe for their bedroom. So, in order to make the best use of your available space, measure it carefully in order to create the fitted wardrobe you need. This will give you an idea of how many of your belongings you can fit there.

The next problem people sometimes face is the amount of clothes and accessories. When building your fitted wardrobe, you must begin by figuring out how you will organise your belongings. Figure out the things that you will keep and the things that you won’t. You will have more space once you have decluttered your wardrobe. If you have clothes that no longer need or that they don’t fit you anymore, you can sell or donate them.

Now you have to decide which clothes you should hang and fold. This is important in giving you an idea of how much space does a drawer, or a hanger will occupy. Do not forget your shoes and other accessories. Allow a space for shelves at the bottom of your fitted wardrobe for your shoes. Do not forget the power of simple pegs and hooks. These things can help you hang your other accessories such as bags and belts.

Worried that you won’t be able to get your dream wardrobe? Don’t be. Empatika is here to help your build your fitted wardrobe for your bedroom. Empatika can help you design your fitted wardrobe based on your style and space. With the help and knowledge our professional craftsmen, we are sure that your wardrobe will be high quality and fit for royalty.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes UK

: Why Choose the Eco-Way?

Aside from the help of top designers and craftsmen, Empatika also uses high-quality sustainable wood to create your dream wardrobe. Why should you choose the eco-friendly option? Here are the reasons why:

  • It can save you money – Eco-friendly materials are cheaper than traditional materials – with better benefits added.
  • Quality – Sustainable wood and other green materials are of higher quality than other materials.
  • Better for your health – Traditional materials may still contain toxic substances that may trigger diseases. Meanwhile, the eco-friendly furniture is engineered to be better for your health.
  • Part of a bigger mission – Through the use of sustainable materials, you’re now part of a mission that includes protecting our planet for the future generation.

Being eco-friendly is not only a trend. Every one of us needs to do something to change the world for the better. That’s why Empatika promised to give a better, more environmentally friendly solution to your furniture problems.

Fitted Wardrobe Sliding Doors

: Choose Sustainability

If you choose to go green, then opt for Empatika’s Eco Option. Eco Option is all about using eco-friendly materials – from paint to wood – and incorporating them into your dream home. Empatika will plant a tree for every customer taking one of our eco options, even if it is just having your units painted with eco paint. Empatika supports the Woodland Trust, an organisation that helps people in different sectors plant their own trees. At Empatika, you’re not only building your home, but you’re also building the world.

Build your sustainable fitted wardrobe today with the help of Empatika! Ask for a free quote and let’s get started!


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