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These days many parents like you are looking for alternative natural solutions to the toxic chemicals found in our homes.


We can create a whole room made of natural materials that don’t pollute your child in their vulnerable early years. You might not be aware that the insides of our homes are many times more polluted than the outdoors, this is due to flame retardants in beds and sofas, formaldehyde glues in furniture, voc’s in carpets and paints etc, all these chemicals come together to make a deadly cocktail which over time accumulates in your body.

Your children spend at least 10 hours a day with their heads buried in a bed soaked in fire retardants, bedding made form petro chemicals or cotton grown and processed with man made chemicals, that is not a situation I personally want my children to start life in.

According to “Cancer Research UK” 1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime.

We are are coming to realise that modern life, not just the chemicals in our furnishings but the products we wash with, we put on our skin, the food we eat, the modern synthetic medicines we take, the car fumes we breathe all contribute to a poorer quality of life. We are moving more away from these man made materials and realising that nature can offer us many alternatives that not only don’t off-gas nasty chemicals but in many cases improve it too such as clay which actually sucks in chemicals and neutralises them.

I can design a room that is totally natural, from carpets made of natural materials, to beds that are also totally natural, bedding that is made with organic cotton and natural filling, wall paints that are plant based and harmless, clays plaster as mentioned already, curtains that are organic too, fitted furniture which is made of formaldehyde free mdf and natural paints, and beds and free standing bedroom furniture which is made of British sustainable and natural solid woods.

All this together will ensure your child has the best start in life at their most vulnerable time in life.

If you want to talk to me about any of this contact Tristan at I would be delighted to hear from you, I love talking about natural materials.

Tristan Titeux

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