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“What impressed me most was that the final product was twice as good as I thought it was going to be … they used the hoover all the time, kept the dust down to a minimum, they were very tidy, at the end of the day they tidied up … it just got better everyday, it was a joy to watch them building it and to see the final product … You get very good very good value for money, you get what you pay for and you get a good service and a very, very good product … as a professional architect I can recognise good quality communication through drawings, which was the case with yourselves and that the clients vision was actually put into practice and that is very important”

“From day one that you listened to the client you act on that, you act on yore own experience, you bring it together into a product that is very satisfying at the end for the day … I think that we were difficult clients in so far as bot h myself and my wife are very particular and very detailed in what we see and I think that yourselves where very good and very patient as we went through these drawings and as we evolved ourselves and our ideas evolved, you were patient enough to make this evolution come to fruition.”

Ronnie called us because he wanted many different units in different rooms, wardrobes in the bedroom, a home office and living room bookcase and multi media units, he had work done in the past that he had not been happy with, luckily for him it was just a small unit in the bathroom, but he learned the hard way that if you look for cheap you will find it.

I first visited Ronnie around November time and the job finally took place the following June, the first visit took a very many hours, I patiently listened, measured, suggested ideas and formulated a plan. I later went back at least two more times as plans changed drastically and evolved into completely different units, all together I spent well over 10 hours with Ronnie (and many more hours making drawings in the office) making sure he got exactly what he wanted, although this is on of the rarer scenarios it demonstrates that we have the respect and patience to take our customers exactly to the place they desire, there is a lot more to fitted furniture itself than just the physical furniture itself but a great deal of planning. We are dealing with peoples very personal lives and future and I have total understanding and respect for that and wish for nothing more for them that to give you the time for us to understand exactly what you want because at the end of the day I want to feel satisfied and know that I have made a difference to someone’s life! Our fitted furniture and service comes at a price, but if you are willing to invest in us we will do everything in your interest to make sure that we are both happy.

Ronnie had very precise ideas that he wanted to develop, I helped him do that by asking many questions, making suggestions and not being afraid to challenge him in a friendly way if I thought he wanted to do anything that I thought would not work for him but that he may have not been aware of at the time. I don’t try to please people there and then and say yes yes yes sir, unless that is what they want, but rather I look further into the future and see how they will be pleased on the long run rather than their short term ego.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do, have great moral ideals and this runs through everything we do at Custom Carpentry. You will find cheaper, but you will have a much harder time finding better!

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