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“I was actually surprised how good they were. One of the things I have learned about British culture is that nobody does anything they say they are going to do, you did exactly what you said you would do and did it well.
This wasn’t cheap but on a value for money basis which is how I judge things I am very very pleased with the work you did I think it’s terrific value … you have raised the quality of the rooms in which you did work, so much that now the other rooms look like they are not as well appointed”

Roger Crombie contacted us because he wanted to store his many books neatly in his own home library. I listened to him carefully, asked lots of questions to find out his exact requirement. We built roger a U shaped library in one room with adjustable shelves as he wanted the flexibility of changing his mind and storing all kinds of books any way he wanted. He also wanted lights overhanging the bookcase part of the way up which brings life to the unit, looks really good and shines down on the books so that when you take books out, open them up you can read easily without any problem.

He also wanted a desk with two pull out filling drawers in the corner of the room and we did some other work in the house which included general storage and CD shelving. We did all this while Roger was away, he trusted us with his keys for months until he was back, his property while we were there and all communication was done over the internet with bespoke drawings that we supplied to him. When he came back and saw what we had done he was delighted.

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