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“We have been very impressed and pleased with the service we received and the end result. Tristan takes great pride in his work. His work is modern and the quality and service has been excellent. So often you can pay a lot but be disappointed in London. Tristan and his team does what is ways on the package and more. I would readily recommend him to anyone.”

Nicola wanted to replace some terrible cupboards she had in an alcove and wanted a slick modern wardrobe/storage cupboard to be fitted across two alcoves and a chimney breast with a sofa in the middle. Nicola had had bad experience with tradesmen in the past and was really pleased to find a company she could totally trust to take care of her. We also made a shoe cupboard in another room that fitted perfectly in a space that Nicola had, we made the design fit the very shallow depth that she had. Nicola trusted us to work in her flat while she was away on holiday. Having us work in your house while you are away is a great way to have someone baby site your home, you go away come back and it is all done, and we can even water your plants if you want!

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