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I had some quite precise ideas of what I wanted, but at the same time I was really looking for some professional advice. I Sometimes have ideas that are not going to be workable or that can be improved, and I think you could both listen and really understand very well what I wanted to do and at the same time come in with some improvements ideas or be very frank. I might have thought ’ooh we could do this this way’ and you would tell me actually if you think of it practically when you are going to be using it it might not work as you expect it to so we could do it in a slightly different way.

“I like the combination of being able to listen to what your prospective customer is actually asking you and what he has in mind, and your pragmatic approach as to being very honest about what would work, what would not and if it would not to come up with really interesting high quality suggestions”

Elizabeth wanted to store many books in the hallway and the spare room/office. We make her some floating shelves in the hallway that had no visible fixings, they look like they have grown out of the wall and have rounded ends to soften the effect. In the office we replaced an alcove shelving unit that was very cheaply and poorly built, it looked ugly and was not built strong enough because the shelves where bending so they were afraid to put things on them. And opposite we replaced a freestanding unit too and make one to match and mirror the other one.

We arrived on site to do the work and Elizabeth changed her mind about part of the design and wanted to open up the left side and have curved floating shelves to soften the effect of the bookcase, and because we make our units from scratch on site we were able to adapt the bookcase to suit her needs at the last minute and at no extra cost (a perk of being a pleasant and delightful returning customer)


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