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“Do not have any doubt about using Custom Carpentry I can 100% recommend them … it all worked extremely well, Tristan had a very very good idea of what I wanted, the picture in my mind was translated … the staff were extremely good who came to work, they were left in control of doing the job … I had absolute confidence in them, they worked very hard, they all seemed to work together as a team.”

“The team from Custom Carpentry went out of their way to make as little mess as possible, I must admit I am a rather fussy picky kind of person and they were very good about that … they had done all the cutting of the wood off site so they brought the pieces in and there wasn’t huge noise because I am in an apartment block and that would have been a bit difficult for my neighbours.”

Carol had loads of books in her old flat, I went along to that flat to see what books Carol had, when we when to her new flat we were able to see how everything would fit and designed a unit with lots of shelving, doors below to hide a computer and unsightly mess and in the corner a neat cosy desk with a pull out keyboard shelf made of a contrasting wood veneer, the rest of the bookcase was painted.

Like all our customers Carol was a delightful customer, at Custom Carpentry we provide a truly bespoke and person service, we care very much about our customers and their satisfaction. We choose our customer carefully and if we think we can’t help them we let them know, we don’t just do any kind of work and we don’t work for anyone, we specialise in making contemporary/modern, plain/clean simple lines and if we can’t help you we will make sure we can recommend someone else who can.


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