Floating wall bookshelves

If you have loads of books and want to use the space in your stairway then you can build floating bookshelves up the wall without it touching the floor. This gives the illusion of space because you can still see the stairs and the bookshelves are just on the wall.

The floating bookshelves are called floating because they seem to magically float, they are wall mounted bookshelves, secured to the wall directly and permanently  so it is important to think about how much space you have in your stairs, is it a main staircase? Will you need to bring washing machines up and other large items? Or is it a stairway to a bedroom that isn’t so vital if you loose width.

So this is only really possible if you have a wider staircase or if you have a tall one where you can put the floating bookshelves above head hight. Either way, I am sure you agree it looks beautiful and makes use of an otherwise unused wall. Please see the pictures below:

See more fitted bookcases on our main gallery.

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